When you add money to your account, it makes your CazCard a debit card. Cazenovia College students and employees can use their CazCard to purchase a variety of products and services on and off campus for the cardholder and/or their friends, relatives or guests. CazCash rolls over each semester and from year to year until separation from the college. Students can request a refund at the end of the spring semester or upon separation from the college.

CazCash is a prepaid declining debit card accessed with your ID card. There are no account fees and it is free once you have obtained your card.

Note: Your CazCard can be used as a debit card at several locations (see Accepting Locations) both on and off campus. It is not a credit or charge card program; no cash withdrawals or cash advances are permitted. It also does not accrue interest or other earnings.

Adding CazCash

Caz Card

Students, Parents & Employees
Add funds to your CazCash Account online!
First-time users must register and create a CazCard account before adding money to their card.

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