March 5, 2021

The College was notified that a residential student tested positive for COVID-19. A student who was originally in quarantine has also been confirmed as positive. Both students are isolating and recovering off-campus. As a precaution, members of the women’s lacrosse team and coaches are in quarantine along with additional individuals identified through contact tracing.  At this time, all contact tracing has been completed and impacted members of campus notified. The Dining Hall and all other campus facilities are following normal operations.     

It is essential that all members of the campus community continue to carefully follow health and safety protocols with increased attention to washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining distance/density with others. As always, if you have symptoms of COVID-19, you should remain in your residence and contact our Health Center or your healthcare provider immediately. The Health Center can be reached at (315) 655-7122 or after hours through Campus Safety at (315) 655-7555. 

As a reminder, all campus COVID-related notifications can be found on the College website on the Campus Notifications Spring 2021 page, which is linked from the Return to Campus Information page.