October 13, 2020

Dear Campus Community,

As was noted on October 9, 2020, the College was informed late that Friday that a residential student tested positive for COVID-19. The student also works for the dining hall. The student immediately relocated to isolation on campus and remains asymptomatic.

The following are updates after county health department and contact tracing:

  • All contact tracing has been completed. Any contacts meeting the threshold for further monitoring or quarantine have been made aware.
  • In addition to the seven students mentioned in Friday’s communication, an additional residential student was identified for quarantine and was also moved on Friday to designated housing on campus where they will remain for 14 days.
  • Appropriate facility closing, cleaning, and disinfecting protocols were completed for all impacted areas including bathrooms and classrooms.

In light of these outcomes with regard to isolation and containment, all regular eat in dining services will resume beginning this evening.

If you still have questions regarding your contact or interactions here on campus, please call Deb Frank, Director of the Health Center at (315) 655-7122.

Please also remember how important it is to fully comply with all health protocols:

  1. Wear your masks properly – everywhere!
  2. Wash and sanitize your hands often.
  3. Maintain appropriate physical distance of at least 6 feet.
  4. Monitor and limit your in-person interactions (even with masks) to under 10 minutes.
  5. Monitor yourself for any symptoms and contact your healthcare provider or the campus Health Center at (315) 655-7122 if you have any concerns.


These protocols have been noted for their effectiveness in minimizing risk and mitigating spread. We need to remain committed to our own and one another's safety.


Reminder that the College has established a Campus Notifications page, linked from our Return to Campus Information website. With this, please note that all notifications of COVID cases - in addition to communications of campus response and follow up - will be provided as follows:

We suggest you bookmark the link to ensure you keep up to date with any COVID-related campus communications.

Finally, our thanks to the community for your collective patience, cooperation, and continued attention to the health and safety of our campus. Together we remain Caz Strong! Please stay well.