MASKS:  Masks have been proven to have a success rate of 93% in preventing the spread of Covid-19 and its variants.  This is a critical protocol for us to remain healthy, safe, and able to be together in residences and activities.
Masks are required when inside all facilities on campus and when indicated in other outdoor settings.

The only times masks may be off are:

     In your own office – alone

     In your residence room with the door closed (as determined by students with roommates)

     When you sleep

     When you shower

Please note the proper way to wear a mask is covering fully your mouth and nose.  HAVING a mask and draping it around your mouth or at your chin only is not appropriate wear.

Students who have properly checked in will have bracelets they received at check in.  Students have been instructed to wear these through the first week of classes and to be prepared to present these when asked – upon entering employee offices, classes, at activities or events, etc.  If a student does not have a bracelet they are to be sent to Student Affairs in Watts Hall to be helped with proper completion of the check in the process.

While masking allows for us to resume regular classroom and general space capacities, it is essential that all of us manage both density and distancing around us.  Please be attentive to the time, concentration, and spacing of people around you and the ways you are around others.

Guests are those individuals who are not members of the regular on-campus community.  They are friends to the campus, service providers, guest speakers, family members, etc.  We do permit guests on campus as “day” guests.  Meaning no guest can be in residences or can plan to be on campus overnight. 

Visitors are individuals who are on campus residents and visit across the residences.  Visiting is permitted in residences among those who are registered and live on campus.  Protocols include 1 visitor per resident of the room and all masks must be worn.  The effectiveness of masks in preventing spread of virus stated above.  The ability of students to continue to visit one another in residences will be linked to your following of the mask and visitor protocols.


All members of the campus community are expected to self-screen each day and throughout the day.  If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, you are asked to remain in your residence (if on campus residents) or at your home, contact the Health Center (students) or your healthcare provider (employees), and determine the appropriate next steps to ensure you are properly checked and that you limit exposure to others until a diagnosis can be determined.


  • Every student who completed a proper check in has been tested for Covid, and would not have been permitted on campus without a negative test.  
  • Individuals receiving vaccine exemptions have been notified that they are to be tested weekly.  5-10% of the individuals who have been vaccinated will be tested weekly as part of our campus protocol.
  • Those participating in weekly testing should contact Tiffany Varlaro to get further information about your weekly testing time.

CLEANLINESS – hands, masks, and campus surfaces

  • Please use supplies provided in each classroom and meeting room to make sure and wipe down surfaces before and after your activities in those spaces. 
  • Please wash and sanitize hands frequently.  Carry small bottles of sanitizer and refill with stations on campus as needed.
  • Cloth masks should be washed at least after a day of use.  If you are active or the mask is soiled before the end of the day, then wash it and change masks for the rest of the day.


  • If you are still completing your vaccination course, and need your second dose here in Cazenovia, then please contact Kinney Drugs or Walgreen’s to learn more about which type of vaccine they can provide and for making your appointment.
  • If you determine you would like to receive the vaccine, then you may also use the links above to arrange your appointment
  • There has been discussion of boosters for the vaccines beginning as early as September for those first vaccinated in January.  We will share news of the benefits of boosters with the campus community as information is available, and anticipate providing campus clinics as demand continues to grow.


If you have concerns about members of the campus community or activities on the campus not adhering to the protocols above, then you can access our CARES Reporting Process to alert campus administrators to the information so that we can assist you and the individual(s) with follow up and correction.  Significant or repeated violations of protocols will be referred to our campus conduct system for formal reviews and address.

You can also access this form by clicking on the “COVID Report” button on the myCaz homepage. 

We are off to a great start!  We have an outstanding vaccine rate and we have a record of strong commitment to all of the protocols that will continue to strengthen support for campus health and safety! 

Let’s be and stay Caz Strong together and have a great year!  

Thank you and again - welcome!


Karey T. Pine, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Cazenovia College