I wanted to take a moment to offer some campus follow up and reminders to all students.

First, congratulations on a great check in, opening, Welcome Week, and very energetic QUAD DAY!  I think everyone that has been a part of these activities agrees that seeing you all, our student community, back on campus and enjoying times and traditions together is a reminder of how special is this place we call home!  

And, it’s the care of this very special place and our people (students and employees alike) that leads me now to offer you all some important reminders.  

Covid is unfortunately still very much a presence all around us.  As a result of increasing cases and rapid spread of the Covid variant at neighboring colleges and universities, we are seeing the expansion of masking mandates to both inside and outside on the campuses, and in some cases additional restrictions to dining and other facility access and capacities.    

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is for each of us and all of us to follow masking protocols.  That means proper masking inside all campus facilities at all but the most narrowly designated times which include:

  • in an office alone
  • in your own campus residence with the door closed
  • while sleeping
  • while showering
  • when at the dining hall if sitting and eating/drinking

Any other time, masks are expected to be on and worn properly- covering the nose and mouth.  

We also begin our regular campus Covid testing tomorrow, Wednesday, September 1, 2021.  We are testing:

  1. individuals with vaccine exemptions weekly, 
  2. vaccinated individuals at 5% of the campus population, and 
  3. athletes in accordance with our conference mandates. 

For your part:

  • Please make sure you have reviewed your emails to determine if you are scheduled for testing, along with the date and time for your test.  
  • Like masking, testing is mandatory, and a central part of our comprehensive campus plan to support the collective safety and health of the community. 
  • Be on time for your testing. 
  • Please encourage your friends who may not regularly check their email to  do so and to determine if they are a part of the mandatory testing sample for this or any subsequent weeks.  
  • Students who miss testing appointments can be prohibited from entering classes or dining facilities.  We would prefer to avoid this inconvenience for anyone, so again be responsible and support others in doing so as well! Take the lead and ensure  you and/or your friends show up whenever any are scheduled for mandatory testing through this semester.

Please let’s all continue to work together in our fight against Covid here at Caz.  Being here and being together is such a gift!  We must continue to protect this gift,.  Following the protocols and practices expected of us is our best chance for doing so!  


Thank you again!