Maureen Louis, J.D.

Maureen Louis

Program Director, Communication Studies
Professor, Communication Studies

J.D., Syracuse University College of Law

B.A., State University of New York at Fredonia

Division: Humanities & Natural Sciences
206 Watts Hall - Second Floor

Maureen Louis has been with Cazenovia College since 1993, beginning as an adjunct member of the faculty, serving for two years as Counsel to the President, then joining the faculty full time in the Division of Humanities and Natural Sciences. The founding Director of the Communication Studies Program, she teaches courses in Communication and coaches the Cazenovia College Debate Society. She has served in a variety of leadership roles including Division Chair, Faculty Chair, Chair of the Faculty Council, and Chair of the Cazenovia College 175th Anniversary Committee. Her primary areas of expertise include communication performance and advocacy, media studies, and communication in public policy.

  • Neil Postman Mentorship Award, New York State Communication Association, 2018
  • Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award, 2013
  • Student Government Association Paw Pin Award, 2006
  • Honorary Member of the Senior Class 2000, 2001, and 2003
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  • We Don’t Want to Talk About It: Communication Strategies for Teaching Less Popular Subjects, with Heather Stassen-Ferrara, Christine Geyer, and John Livermore, 2013 Proceedings of the New York State Communication Association: Vol. 2013, Article 11.
  • "Because I Said So" and Other Notions of Authority: An Advanced Course On Communication and Power, 2008 Proceedings of the NYS Communication Association.
  • Walking the Walk: My Autistic Son and the Scholarship of Empathy, Journal of Women's Studies in Communication, Summer 2008.
  • The Interview is Not About You!: Teaching Pending Graduates Empathy and Context to Avoid Disaster in Employment Interviews, 2007 Proceedings of the NYS Communication Association.
  • Corporeal Commodification: The Body at/as Work (Roundtable), Eastern Communication Association, 2022
  • Parenting, Publishing, Pedagogy in a Pandemic: Performative Reflections of Role Conflict and Systems of Support (Respondent), Eastern Communication Association, 2021
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  • Fatigue in Academe: Examining Burnout Experienced by Education Professionals (Roundtable), NYS Communication Association, 2019
  • Meet the Supremes: Interweaving Legal Research, News Analysis, and Cultural Context in an Innovative Honors Seminar, Popular Culture Association, 2019
  • Guiding Students in Considering the Impact of Poverty on Options Awareness, NYS Communication Association, 2018
  • Including Student Developed Learning Threads as a Key Course Element, NYS Communication Association, 2018
  • Packing the Truth Search Tool Kit: Three Techniques to Support Students in the Pursuit of Facts, Context, and Empathy, NYS Communication Association, 2017
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  • Communities Judging Learning: A Roundtable Discussion of the Ways in Which Networks Affect Assessment, NYS Communication Association, 2013
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  • The Media Ate My Reality: A First Year Seminar Course, Popular Culture Association, 2012
  • Incorporating Interdisciplinary Elements in the Introduction to Human Communication Course, NYSCA, 2011
  • Bringing Home to the Classroom: Using Lived Experience to Foster Empathy, Panel Presentation, Central States Communication Association, 2011
  • Program Administrators Roundtable, NYSCA, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2018
  • G.I.F.T.S.: The Empathy Description Exercise, NYSCA, 2010
  • Let Cooler Heads Prevail: Teaching Debate to Encourage Civic Engagement, NYSCA, 2006
  • Autism and Transition: What We Have Learned Together (with Samuel Louis), Cazenovia College American High School Lecture Series, 2016
  • Communication Creates the World, Invited Address, NYS Rotary Youth Leadership Conference, 2011
  • Communication and Leadership, Invited Address, NYS Rotary Youth Leadership Conference, 2008, 2009
  • Reflections on Leadership: Making Successful Transitions, Invited Address, NYS Association of Women in Administration, 2008
  • Eastern Communication Association
  • Popular Culture Association
  • New York State Communication Association (Past President)
  • NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, Surrogate Decision Making Committee
  • The Arc of Madison-Cortland (Board of Directors)
  • The Arc of New York (Board of Governors)
  • Madison County Community Services Board (2009-2013)
  • Member of the Bar: New York and District of Columbia
  • Invited Text Review, Choices & Connections: An Introduction to Human Communication, (McCornack), 2013
  • Invited Text Review, Media & Culture, 9th Edition (Campbell, Martin, and Fabos), 2013
  • Peer Reviewer, Proceedings of the NYS Communication Association, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016