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Cazenovia College is committed to creating an inclusive campus environment for all. We expect that all members of the campus community have an obligation to contribute to this mission and actively prevent incidents that target any individuals or groups based on a social identity. Please use this form if you were a target of a bias incident or witnessed such an incident either on the Cazenovia College campus or at an event sponsored by Cazenovia College off campus. You may choose to provide your name or remain anonymous in the reporting process. Any questions may be directed to the Director of Multicultural Affairs and Residential Education, 115 Watts Hall, (315) 655-7008 or the Department of Human Resources, Watts Hall, second floor, (315) 655-7274.

Important to know:

Bias is defined as a behavior that constitutes an expression of hostility against a person or property of another because of the targeted person(s) age, creed, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, political or social affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, or status as a military veteran. Examples of bias incidents can include, but are not limited to:

  • name-calling
  • stereotyping
  • belittling or excluding others based on their identity
  • using racial, ethnic, or other slurs to identify someone
  • imitating someone with any kind of disability or based on a real or perceived cultural norm or practice
  • making comments or activity of any of the above nature on social media platforms
What happens if I report?

Once a report is made, you will receive a contact from the College only if you provide your name on the form. Your initial contact will come from either the Director of Multicultural Affairs and Residence Education or the Director for Human Resources. Additional College departments such as Campus Safety, Title IX, and the Counseling Center will be involved as appropriate, and your College contact will work with you to gather more information about the incident and to identify next steps.

If an anonymous report is received, follow up on the incident will occur to the extent possible based on the information provided. This could include the involvement of Campus Safety, Title IX, and additional campus offices as appropriate.

Reporting, whether providing identifying information or anonymously, is important to helping the College understand the types of incidents occurring, biases that exist, and potential trends on our campus. By reporting, we can also respond accordingly to provide support, intervention, or education.

Report Bias on MyCaz