President’s Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Cazenovia College welcomes people of all backgrounds and beliefs who wish to participate in a diverse living and learning community. The College strives to be a place where students, faculty, staff, and visitors interact in an atmosphere of inclusive engagement, free from discrimination and harassment. We are a close-knit campus community where a diversity of opinions is celebrated and where debate and discussion of these opinions is valued as part of our collective learning and growth.

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David Bergh, President

Our commitment to inclusion is central to our mission of providing a supportive, personalized learning environment. We embrace access to success for all and treat each member of the Cazenovia College community with fairness and respect. We recognize that cross-cultural interactions may sometimes cause discomfort, but are also learning opportunities that challenge us to think differently. We acknowledge that each of us is entitled to our views and beliefs and at the same time, we are pledged to respect diversity in all forms.

Our commitment to diversity extends to our relationship with the surrounding community as well. As an institution with a significant presence in the community and with a diverse student body, we are committed to fostering an informed and welcoming environment for our students, faculty, and staff in the Village of Cazenovia. We accomplish this through our involvement with local government, community groups, businesses, and individuals. We offer programs and events for the community that provide opportunities to explore, respect, and value diversity.

To strengthen our commitment, a Diversity Committee made up of faculty, staff and students was established at the College. The Committee’s primary focus is to advance the diversity-related initiatives identified in our Strategic Plan, including increasing the diversity of the student body, faculty, and staff; strengthening diversity education as part of the core curriculum; and supporting campus-wide programming around diversity.

Cazenovia College recognizes that respect for, and civility toward, one another is a hallmark of a strong campus community. We embrace diversity as being essential to enriching our learning environment and cultivating creativity and growth.

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David Bergh