May 7, 2020 - 4:00pm

The Cazenovia College community is proud of what our students have accomplished during this academic year. Please join in the celebration of their achievements.  The annual Academic Achievement Awards recognition will premier on May 7, 2020 4:00 p.m.

Watch the 2020 Academic Awards

The Academic Achievement Awards video is also available on our the Cazenovia College Facebook page and our Instagram account @cazenoviacollege.

Distinguished Faculty Award
Since 1986, the College has recognized a faculty member each year as the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award.  Faculty members nominate one or more of their colleagues for this prestigious award.  Letters of nomination and support for previous award winners have stressed their teaching effectiveness, their commitment to the mission of the College, their service to the College, and their continuing professional growth and development.

The recipient of this award is determined by a vote by all members of the faculty.  The 33rd anniversary of the award, our 2019-2020 recipient will be presented with a certificate recognizing this achievement. They will serve as mace bearer at this year’s Commencement ceremony and keynote speaker at the First Night Ceremony in August.

It is our honor and pleasure to introduce the recipients of the Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award. In these unprecedented times, we have an unprecedented tie! Congratulations to winners Elizabeth Moore and Stewart Weisman.

Congratulations to the Valedictorians
It is our honor to introduce the Class of 2020 Valedictorians, both with perfect 4.0 GPAs. 
Congratulations Julia Dudley and Samantha Lamphere.

Academic Program Awards

Division of Art and Design
Excellence in Arts Management
  • Erin Grabosky
Excellence in Fashion Design
  • Kalli Kelsey
Excellence in Interior Design
  • Michelle Primrose
Excellence in Visual Communications
  • Connor Yorks
Rita Hammond Memorial Award in Photography
  • Jordan Rector
Hubbard Award for Studio Art
  • Elissa Aranda

Division of Business Management
Excellence in Management: Accounting
  • Brooke Newton
Excellence in Management: Business Management
  • Erin Donegan
Excellence in Management: Equine Business Management
  • Danielle Beinars
Excellence in Management: Fashion Merchandising
  • Marissa Broddus
Excellence in Management:  Sport Management
  • Hunter Coulthard

Division of Humanities and Natural Sciences
Excellence in Biology
  • Samantha Lamphere
Excellence in Communication Studies
  • Gloria Banks
Excellence in English
  • Julia Dudley
Excellence in Environmental Biology
  • Meghan Hansen

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Excellence in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Studies
  • Zachary Surace
Excellence in the Dual Degree of Criminal Justice and Psychology
  • Jenna Doran
Excellence in Inclusive Early Childhood Education
  • Brittany Townsend
Excellence in Inclusive Elementary Education
  • Joshua Dipiazza
Excellence in Psychology
  • Allison Pieczonka
Excellence in Social Science
  • John Rockwell
Lionel I. Dannick Award in Human Services
  • Sheila Gorton
Huntington Family Center Award in Childhood Education
  • Amber Zellwager
Frederic M. Williams Award in History
  • Kyle Durkee

Special Awards
Alpha Chi Scholarship
  • Taetum Leffingwell
Stephanie F. Leeds All College Honors Program Award
  • Julia Dudley
Harwant K. Dosanjh Award for Chemistry or Calculus
  • Samantha Lamphere
Genung Award
  • Taetum Leffingwell

Divisional Convocation Awards
Maryrose Eannace Award for Theater
  • Gloria Banks
Howe Award for Mathematics
  • Samantha Lamphere
Betty and Robert Mahaney Award in Effective Speaking
  • Taetum Leffingwell
Michael M. Muchisky Award in Psychology
  • Rachael Weils
Outstanding Service in Human Services
  • Nija Carroll
Outstanding Service in Human Services
  • Prenajuah Jefferson
Sport Management Merit Award
  • Sydney Smith
Visual Communications Senior Portfolio Award
  • Emily Gahan
Norma Weitman Social Work Award
  • Deanna Garcia
Mary Caulkins Psychology Research Award
  • Nikki Trexler
Harwant K. Dosanjh Scholarship for Junior Student
  • Johnathan Kenyon
Washburn Junior Research Fellowship
  • Kayla Hamilton

Outstanding Capstone Awards
Outstanding Senior Capstone in Biology
  • Jamie E. Leone, "Animal-Assisted Therapy in Occupational Therapy”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Communication Studies
  • Alana Abdean, “If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit: The Prosecution Helped OJ Simpson In His Final Run”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security
  • Allison Brown, “Building the Profile of a High School Shooter”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in English
  • Erin Hankins, “The Reclaiming”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Environmental Biology
  • Cassidy Rattray​​​​​​​, “Surface Water Phosphorus Loads to Cazenovia Lake”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Fashion Design
  • Caprice Yost​​​​​​​, “Breaking Boundaries”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Fashion Merchandising
  • Rachel Alicea & Marissa Broddus​​​​, “Increasing social responsibility to less the financial burden of a nonprofit event and incorporating sustainability principles into the planning and execution of a VIP reception.”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in History
  • Kyle Durkee​​​​​​​, “Founding Legacies: An Exploration Into the Liberation of America”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Human Services
  • Sheridan Mann​​​​​​​, “The Need for Access to Effective Substance Abuse Treatment in U.S. Prisons”

Outstanding Senior Capstone Inclusive Education
  • Banu Carlisle​​​​​​​, “Multi-Language Teaching in the Classroom”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Interior Design
  • Paige Davis​​​​​​​, “Evidence Based Design in Healthcare: Designing for a Better Future”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Interior Design
  • Abbie Boglione​​​​​​​, “The Age in Innovation: The Effects of Smart Home Technology on the Aging in Place Community”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Psychology
  • Allison Pieczonka​​​​​​​, “The Impact of Animal Interactions on Stress”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Social Science
  • John Rockwell​​​​​​​, “Failures in Contemporary Education”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Sport Management
  • Jacob McDermott​​​​​​​, “Esport”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Studio Art
  • Jordan Rector​​​​​​​, “The Emotional Impact of Music on the Brain,” Visual Exhibition: “Breathe.”

Outstanding Senior Capstone in Visual Communications
  • Connor Yorks​​​​​​​, "Virtual Reality, The Next Major Medium of Design”

The following awards and accomplishments will be announced at Commencement:
  • Outstanding Student in the Division of Art and Design
  • Outstanding Student in the Division of Business and Management
  • Outstanding Student in the Division of Humanities and Natural Sciences
  • Outstanding Student in the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Outstanding Student in Adult and Continuing Education
  • Outstanding Transfer Student
  • Cazenovia College Student Life Awards
  • Alumni Award Winner

Student of the Year
  • Melany Munoz Gonzalez
Academic Excellence
  • Taetum Leffingwell
Outstanding Contribution
  • Adrianna Baker
Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) Outstanding Student of the Year 2020
  • Nija Carroll

Congratulations! Class of 2020