April 29, 2022 - May 7, 2022 - All Day | Art Gallery in Reisman Hall
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The Studio Art, Arts Management, and Photography Capstone exhibitions will be on display in 2 groups:

Group 1: 
Opening Reception, Friday April 29, 4-6 p.m. 
Gallery Dates: April 29 through May 2

Group 2: 
Reception, Thursday, May 5, 4-6 p.m.
Gallery Dates: May 4 through May 7

Gallery Hours are currently Monday through Friday, 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday 2-6 p.m


Gallery Group 1
April 29 - May 5
Reception: April 29, 4-6 p.m.
Black and White Photo of woman looking into fabric

Taylor M. McCullough, BFA Candidate Studio Art: Fine Art Photography
Hometown: Cazenovia, NY
Website: https://taylormorganmphotography.com/
Exhibition Title: Is This Me?

Taylor McCullough is a Cazenovia native, majoring in Fine Art Photography with minors in Art History and Psychology at Cazenovia College. She has had her work exhibited in a number of galleries in Central New York, including but not limited to the Deacon Gallery, the Earlville Opera House, and the Cazenovia College Gallery.  In 2021, she interned at Clear Path for Veterans, photographing a wide variety of activities, events, and merchandise. Taylor is currently finalizing her Solo Thesis Exhibition in which she explores her identity through self portraiture. She plans to stay in Cazenovia and start her own photography business.
Project Statement:
Identity is a fluid thing. At times, we willingly assume different personas for different people - to please them, to feel accepted, to better communicate. Taking on an amplified version of these characters, this series of self portraits is a way to explore my own identity and all the shapes of it. To embody each character in this series, I transform myself. I apply my makeup differently. I wear wigs and dress in styles of clothing that I wouldn’t normally have the confidence to wear. All of this physical change is to try to embrace a new persona, but no matter how unrecognizable I’ve become, I always feel the same. Alone in the lighting studio, I confront the lens and begin the process of trying to understand the shift in identity I’m performing at that moment. The shifting in personas is to differentiate each unique character from the self. Without all of these characters, there’s no costume, no wig, just me, trying to hold onto all the varying versions of myself that no longer make sense once I’m alone. 

digital illustration of person looking at sky with multiple moons

Dawson Andrews, BFA Studio Art in Fine Art Photography
Hometown: Central Square, NY
Exhibition Title: Transient
Artwork Title: Observer, 2022, Digital Illustration

Dawson Andrews, Central New York based artist is currently a candidate for his BFA in Studio Art with a specialization in Fine Art Photography at Cazenovia College and is expected to graduate in May 2022. While at Cazenovia, Dawson has experimented with various mediums other than Photography. Digital illustration and Graphic Design became a bigger part of Dawson’s arsenal of tools to express his vision of the world around him. Dawson's work has evolved more in concepts as he has gone through college and his more recent work experiments with the ideas of existentialism, isolation, and transitory settings.

Project Statement: 
The physical impermanence of humans and limited lifespan creates a sense of uncertainty and concern. Existentialism in the sense of agency provides me with a sense of comfort as it allows me to be in total control of my own existence. The inclusion of metaphysical attributes into my art pieces creates places of existing only in my imagination, extant outside the physical realm. In my series titled Transient, I illustrate the physical images of the imagination. This series shows my want to create a reality where there is an absence of human-crafted constraints including time, expectations, and burdens.

Oil painting titled Touch

Emily Cone, BFA in Studio Art, minor in Pre-Art Therapy
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Artwork Title: Touch

Emily Cone, a resident of central New York, is currently pursuing a BFA in studio art with a minor in art therapy at Cazenovia College. She has a strong love for making art and connecting with people, which is what sparked her interest in art therapy. Her art displays the beauty she finds in the world around her through the use of oil paint. Her work has been displayed at Cazenovia College in the Reisman Gallery, Deacon Gallery, and Witherill Library in addition to the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, NY.  

Project Statement: 
Humans need to be touched. As infants, nurturing touch is necessary to our survival, and as we develop, vital to our well-being. Later in life, touch can become more infrequent, leaving us longing for even a brief moment of physical contact with someone. The comfort of a hug or an arm pressed up against another is an important part of life, especially now, after two years of a pandemic that has distanced so many. In this body of work, I represent these gentle yet impactful moments, which have recently been absent from many of our lives. 

The moments of touch I portray range from subtle and casual to deliberate and emotional. I paint realistically to remove the presence of my mark as the painter and directly communicate the experience of touch without an intermediary. My smooth application of oil paint enhances the realism while adding a soft quality to my imagery. The larger-than-life size matches the powerful effect positive touch has, no matter how small the actual touch is.  

Alissa Donato, BFA Studio Art Specialized  
Hometown: New Paltz, NY
Website: https://alissatdonato3200.wixsite.com/lisdolphotography
Exhibition Title: Hans and Helvita Fantasy Collection

Alissa Donato, a New York native, is a BFA candidate for Studio Art with a specialization in Commercial Photography and is expected to graduate in May 2022. Her work has been included in the 2022 Juried Student Show and the Resiliency Through Art exhibition at Cazenovia College. She also photographed for the 49th Annual Fashion Show at Cazenovia College.  Her senior capstone collection showcases a promotional campaign for a fictional makeup brand, Hans and Helvita. 
Project Statement:
Through the fictional brand, Hans and Helvita, I have created a beauty campaign promoting makeup looks with a medieval twist. Taking inspiration from fairy tale tropes and medieval art, each styled shoot embraces a unique character. Working in collaboration with a fashion designer, assistant, and model I embrace the power of transformation through makeup, costuming and lighting that allows me to create a character that can be captured in front of the lens.  I have a very long relationship with makeup, it started when I was five years old with my mother applying my makeup for a dance recital. To me, makeup is a process of creation and communication. By transforming my models into spellbound characters, my goal is for these photos to have the power to promote the beautiful product line of Hans and Helvita.


Lucianna DiGenova, BFA Studio Art
Website: https://thechaotickid.godaddysites.com/

Lucianna DiGenova, a Syracuse based artist is currently a student at Cazenovia College where she is expected to complete her degree in Studio Art. DiGenova refers to herself as a multimedia doodle artist, and throughout her work explores language, symbols, and personalized iconography. Dealing with subject matter that is directly inspired by her life and the world around her, she uses doodling as a way to alleviate the standards and expectations that can be felt from trying to create art.

Project Statement: 
Comfort Through Chaos: An Introduction to the Chaotic Kid
Doodles, my primary form of mark-making, and my personalized iconography are a visual regurgitation of the things going on in my brain. Doodling has allowed me to create a world of my own, where I am not only interpreting my experience of the things around me but also creating a new space, where there are no restrictions or quantifications on how or what I create. Each doodle is pulled from the depths of my subconscious and translated to the margins and pages of my notebook. The imagery consists of abstract faces, designs and scribbles, letters, numbers and so much more. Seeking to activate my doodles I accumulated them, took them apart, and collaged them together. Doodling lets me communicate in all the ways I seek as an artist. I am able to step back from the pressure and standards that surround the artistic process to just create freely. Once the flood gates were open, the possibilities I found within doodles became endless.

Gallery Group 2
May 5-7
Reception May 5, 4-6 p.m.
Digital Photograph Titled: I See You, You See Me girl on bed, cat in window

Alyssa Simko, BFA in Studio Art: Fine Art Photography, Minor in Psychology
Hometown: Madison, NY
Artwork Title: I See You, You See Me, 2022 Digital Photography
Exhibition Title: Headspace

Alyssa Simko, a Fine Art Photographer based in Central New York, expects to receive her BFA in May of 2022. During her time at Cazenovia College, she has focused on growing her skills in portrait photography, specializing in the utilization of natural light within her photographs. She also has a strong passion for 35mm black and white film, a medium she plans to continue exploring after graduation. Over the summer, she completed an internship with portrait and brand photographer, Alice G. Patterson, and is excited to apply what she has learned in her future solo projects. After Graduation, Alyssa plans to earn her MFA with the hopes of becoming a photography professor in the future.

Project Statement:
My Bed. A place I so frequently return to. A place where I exist beyond the eyes of others. A place where I am most myself. It is within this space that I am free to unwind, never concerned with how my actions, or lack thereof, might be perceived by others. Yet, through the introduction of the camera into this space, I have opened up my private world to the eyes of others. In my series titled Headspace, I have deliberately captured moments of myself in this ever-changing environment, encapsulating my varying states of mind within the privacy of my room. This bed, so much like a stage for me, allows me to express who I am with all the control of a photographer, but all the ambiguity of viewer interpretation. Our own headspaces are something not often shared with others, yet I invite you into mine in the hopes we find some commonality.


Pastel Paining of coffee mug on top of a table

Airelle Jacquette, BFA in Studio Art
Hometown: Norwich, NY
Exhibition Title: Our New Routine

Airelle Jacquette was born in Sidney, NY. She is a Studio Art major at Cazenovia College, NY. She grew up with an interest in art, but it wasn't until high school that she realized she might want to pursue this career path. Her work has been exhibited at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, The Jephson Gallery, the Reisman Gallery, and the Juried Student Art exhibit. Her current work consists of large-scale pastel drawings of still-life subjects. Airelle currently resides in Oneonta, New York.

Project Statement: 
A year ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer that in the process resulted in her losing her breast. Suddenly, things started to change, her everyday routine started to gain new tasks that she had to accomplish. Being her only girl, I helped and witnessed what she had to go through. Her new routine soon started to become our new routine and I was mesmerized by how much cancer affected what she would do every day.
When people ask me what it was like helping my mother and going through what I did with her, I think back to the things we ended up doing every day that felt like a constant, and although the memories come in clear, the thought of it still feels like a dream. Because of that, I wanted to capture and confront my memories of things I would constantly see, the scheduling appointments, all the medicine, and the emptying and re-wrapping of the drainage tubes. The softness of pastel evokes the fog of these memories and how they seemed to slip in and out of time.


artwork with overlapping imagery and multiple exposures

Cheyenne Dunn, BFA Candidate in Photography
Hometown: East Syracuse, NY
Website: https://cheyennedunn0.wixsite.com/cdphotography
Exhibition Title: dreamscapes

Cheyenne Dunn grew up in East Syracuse, New York. Her interest started with event and portrait photography. She now works both with film and digital photography, allowing her to experiment with different techniques and explore the idea of escapism. Her work has been displayed in The Deacon Gallery in 2021 and the Reisman Gallery in 2019, 2021, and 2022, all at Cazenovia College.

Project Statement: 
Daydreaming has become a strong form of escapism for me. For the past couple of years, I have been able to immerse myself in an entirely different reality in my thoughts. These hazy, transparent spaces in my mind are often unclear and ethereal. Working with in-camera alterations, multiple exposures, overlapping imagery and postproduction in photoshop, I aim to visualize these dreamscapes. My process produces unexpected results, replacing the simplicity of the photograph with the obscure and indistinct.


Artwork made with glass Titled: Letting Go

Caitlyn Secondo, Art Management Major, Art History Minor
Artwork Title: Letting Go 14x14in (glass) 2022
Caitlyn Secondo is an art management major with a minor in art history, who has a drive for art and business. Through her time learning about
management, she worked as the assistant director at the Cazenovia Reisman Gallery as well as working as a social media promoter for Cazenovia
College Career Services. In art she interrogates history in many philosophical views through oil painting and sculpting glass. She has exhibited at
Cazenovia College Reisman Gallery and at the Stone Quarry Art Park in Cazenovia.
Project Statement: 
Relationships are what bind us to who we are, and who we have become as people. How we express it is the question. How we handle those bonds after they are broken is another matter. It makes us stop and realize how fragile the bonds we have in life truly are. Fragility itself has many forms one of which is glass, a medium that depends on stability just like the bonds we create or else they break. Through glass, I want to take you through a narrative about letting go while showing the fragility of everything around us. Fragility is something we don’t think about until the pieces start to fall apart and a void is created that you try to fill. While you try to bind the pieces back together all you have left is broken chains. Chains that stabilized the relationships of life, more specifically the broken chains of a loss of a sibling. Through color and broken glass, tell the tale of a special child who left too soon, and the phases of finally saying goodbye.


Artwork black and white photo father holding child's hand

Eliya Pickwick, BFA in Candidate in Studio Art, Specializing in Commercial Art Photography
Hometown: Milford, NY
Exhibition Title: Father, Sister, Self
Eliya Pickwick is majoring in Commercial Photography with a minor in Art History at Cazenovia College, NY and expects to receive her BFA in May of 2022. While studying at Cazenovia College, Pickwick has taken many black and white and color film photography courses that have developed her love for the analog process. It was in these courses that she was able to explore relationships through film, a topic she was able to revisit in her Solo Thesis Exhibition which will be displayed in the Art Gallery in Reisman Hall at Cazenovia College. In her exhibition, titled Father, Sister, Self, Pickwick explores the relationship between herself and her father through the eyes of her youngest sister.
Project Statement: 
As I’ve gotten older and have been away from home, I’ve started to reminisce about my childhood. I miss the smell of my mother’s baking and running through the open yard playing with my siblings and parents. Having 5 daughters, my father has been able to create a special bond with each one of us. Being 18 years older than my youngest sister I’ve been able to watch her grow up, noticing similarities between our childhoods, her center of attention personality, her love of adventure, and most of all her bond with our father.

Witnessing my sister grow up I started to reflect on my own relationship with my father through the eyes of my sister. I used a combination of digital photography and black and white 4x5 film to create this series. Working with both a slow and a fast medium allowed me to capture a range of moments between my father and sister.