February 1, 2018 - 12:00am - March 5, 2018 - 12:00am | Art Gallery in Reisman Hall

a video installation by Simone Hooymans

Opening reception: Thursday, February 1st,  4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
The Meet Me There - Meet Me Then installation will be on display February 1st -  March 5th.






Video Installation: Meet Me There - Meet Me Then



About the Installation
The room filling projection of the video Meet Me There - Meet Me Then, is made with handmade drawings of watercolor and ink, combined with 3D computer technology. It’s subject takes us on a journey through a natural landscape where seasons blur together and imagine parallel worlds of both the micro and macrocosm realms. Recognizable plants become vaguely apparent in this animated world where seasons smoothly transition into one and  other. Imagined and created by Hooymans’ artistic mind and hand, the journey is symbolic of a longing for contact with another human being within this pure landscape, while time and a sense of place continues to slip away.

Music in the animation is composed and performed by the Norwegian musician Terje Isungset who works with many non-traditional musical forms.  The music in Meet Me There - Meet Me Then was composed using only ice as his instrument. Visit www.terjeisungset.no to learn more about musician Terje Isungset.  Watch videos of Terje Isungset playing the ice instruments in the NPR's article, Ice Music: Building Instruments Out Of Water.

Additional Video Installations on Display






Rett Ned


Rett Ned (Straight Down)
Duration: 7 min.
Animation by Simone Hooymans

Music by the Norwegian band Building Instrument 
Building Instrument is a Norwegian trio that mixes acoustic and electronic expressions in colorful compositions. The musical journey usually goes from catchy rhythms, through free improvised parties, to distinguished melodies. The text is in the Norwegian Molde dialect, written by vocalist Mari Kvien Brunvoll.

Composed of handmade drawings of watercolor, and ink, combined with 3D computer technology

Rett Ned is an ongoing journey of unexpected places and elusive worlds. Worlds where you will never arrive, but seem to stay in memory. The journey longs for a mystical world containing unearthly undertones. The animation is a direct, personal and emotional response of the artist on the very nature of music itself.





Swee Mysterious


Sweet Mysterious 
Duration: 7:36 min.
Animation by Simone Hooymans

Music composed and performed by Mari Kvien Brunvoll 

Handmade drawings of watercolor, and ink, combined with 3D computer technology

Unworldly, hypnotic and resonating deep, ‘Sweet Mysterious’ takes one on a unique animated quest casting a powerful inclination of reflection upon the origin of things. 







Simone Hooymans



About the Artist | View CV
Simone Hooymans was born in the Netherlands and currently lives and works in the international AiR Kunstnarhuset Messen in Ålvik, Norway.
She is a graduate student from the Art Academy for Visual Art in Arnhem (Artez) and earned her master degree from the Art Academy Breda (St. Joost), both located in the Netherlands.

Hooymans has taken part in many international group exhibitions and film festivals. In 2018 she received an Honorable Mention Award at Kortfilmfestivalen in Grimstad. Her animations and drawings are in collections in the Netherlands, the UK and in Norway. 

“Within my work I make a completely distinctive, adventurous universe; a mythological world that is timeless, mysterious and dreamy and with an ominous undertone. My twisted fairy tale universe is mostly without a clear narrative. The viewer has to draw their own conclusions. An underlaying theme in my work is the retracting of nature and questioning fast urbanization and technology. I am exploring how we relate to this, through different emotional states, such as harmony and fear.”