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Visual Communications Senior Exhibition

Charlene Bluto
Syracuse, NY

I love visual eccentricities. Organized chaos– a cross between Van Gogh & Mario Galaxy– best describes my style, which is distinctive and unique. I connect to my audience, research, and question as I add the pieces to the puzzle that is design.
MY senior creative project is a regional branding campaign for the city of Syracuse, New York that relates to flavor and the “salt” that enhances qualities of the city and its past. This type of visual communication will support a hip, fun, and unique atmosphere for young talent to flourish, pride for locals, businesses to flourish and a successful tourist attraction.

Senior Exhibition: Charlene Bluto

Carl Campany

For my senior creative project, I created the brand identity for Nightshift, a fictional brand of luxury tools aimed at automotive enthusiasts. The project includes a brand identity guide, trade show display, packaging, and advertising elements. 
​​​​​​Kassondra Kreppein
South Glens Falls, NY
Design Statement: During the last few years I have transitioned from traditional art to digital art. I have discovered the effectiveness of a digital drawing tablet, and using it has expanded my approach to my own illustrations. I have been able to explore different visual techniques as well as experience a range of new brush sets and software programs that have influenced my work.              

Senior Project Statement: For my project, I am creating an illustrated cookbook called 20 Somethings with 20 Bucks, a collection of illustrated recipes for young adults on tight budgets.

Kassondra Kreppein

Pancakes for illustrated cookbook
Josh Monnat
Croghan, NY
I’ve chosen to show a project where I was tasked with developing ads for a collaboration between the singer Frank Ocean and Vans Shoes. The significance of this campaign is that it is designed specifically for the web. This included ads across all the major social media platforms like: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as email blasts and standard web ads.

For my senior creative project, I am writing, producing and directing a short film. This will also include a trailer, a poster, and a social media page.

Josh Monnat

Taylor Rapp
Conesus, NY

Design Statement: Throughout life, I have been influenced by people who stray away from the norm or what’s usually done, and make a difference in everything they do. To me, that makes them stand out from everyone else; my design strategy is similar. I continuously strive to step outside of boundaries and explore new levels of creative thinking and problem-solving. Stepping beyond is what leads to a unique voice that embodies a strong message that viewers will remember.

Project Statement: For my senior creative project, I am creating a visual brand identity for a women’s festival called Woven, which includes all the event graphics, posters, tickets, website, mobile app, and other supporting visual elements.

Taylor Rapp

Claudia Rodriguez

YOUNITY is an event where you can discover your genetic makeup and later celebrate your newfound cultures. This is a festival focused on finding who you are and exploring where you are from. For my senior creative project, I created a complete visual brand identity, including logo, marketing materials and environmental graphics, for this cultural event.
Brian Sepulveda
Newark, NY
Design Statement: The world we live in can become complicated and I believe that everything should be made as simple as possible. Throughout my life, I have been influenced by forms of art such as minimalism, abstraction, and surrealism. I have a diverse range of skills with a consistent style that allows me to be adaptive to different types of projects. I am looking forward to exploring all of the possibilities that design has to offer.
Senior Project: I am creating a lifestyle brand for fans of Yosemite National Park called YOGO. This brand speaks to the young, outdoor enthusiasts and gives them a sense that they belong in this community. The project includes the creation of a brand logo, as well as several illustrations in a distinctive style, along with a range of merchandise to support the brand.

Brian Sepulveda

Marissa Vazquez
Webster, NY

Having a free area to work in when you are a graphic designer is important because it allows free expression. Growing up, I imagined a free world and becoming a better version of myself. As for someone who was shyer in the beginning, I have become more confident and surpassing.
As a designer, I can create anything hands-on or digitally. I find it entertaining to make something from scratch because it is satisfying to see it executed. Every color gives a different mood, and they are in motion when I work with my favorite medium, watercolor. The textures from the watercolor demonstrate the emotions that are passed down on the edge of the paper. Every texture is a revitalize emotion. Some designs have my own watercolor textures I made by hand, which are then transferred to Photoshop. I find ingenious solutions for design and am willing to push that direction further.

Marissa Vazquez

Hayley Calkins
Canastota, NY

Design statement: I specialize in branding and creating identities. In my years of designing, I have become aware of the power of great branding. I never knew I wanted to do graphic design until a high school teacher suggested it to me; it just clicked. After teaching myself the programs, everything felt right. I am dedicated to my career. I enjoy getting to know my clients, I talk to them like I’ve known them all my life. That relationship is what helps me know what kind of design would be perfect for them. With my career I came into full circle with my logo. Design is where it’s at (pun intended).

My senior creative project is a rebranding of Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. The festival is a premier east coast genre festival that embodies the spirit of Brooklyn. Taking place in venues throughout the borough, it showcases the best new independent films, with accompanying parties and other related events. The project includes a series of integrated marketing and advertising materials.

Hayley Calkins

Adam Collins
Great Bend, PA
Design Statement: Throughout my early education, art was always a primary focus of what I wanted to do. Once I learned about graphic design, that was what I decided to pursue in college. I have strived to learn the techniques and gather influences from artists that helped form my preferred style. I found that sports and music helped to push my love of art and challenged me to try to combine those worlds into my style.

Senior Project Statement: For my project, I created the visual brand identity for the Vancouver Frost, a hypothetical expansion team of the Overwatch League.

Adam Collins

Kristen Johnson
Syracuse, NY
Design statement: I love a good story. I love movies, and I love the storyboarding process. Each frame plotted out is a snapshot. Each drawing directs the action. I build like the plot of a book: Conflict? Person vs. self. Researching. What already exists in this market? What animal could I draw on some stationery? Rising action: brainstorming and sketching. I draw out a cute little anglerfish, an animal that would not normally be expected on cute stationery. Climax and falling action: executing designs!
Senior Project statement: I am creating an original picture book adaptation of The Gingerbread Man. This process includes writing a story, drafting storyboards, and illustrating final compositions.

Kristen Johnson

A storyboard frame from a fictional children’s picture book, Worm Meets Worm
Saharrah Maloney
Jordan Elbridge, NY 

Design Statement: My creativity has given me the ability to have the courage to step out and become visible. The process of my art is that it is a never-ending cycle, and it shows how I help others see the world through a designer’s eyes. Influenced by the many tastes of people around me, the creations I’ve created have portrayed a space where everything is colorful and mystical. I show the world a piece of its own beauty in a fresh and interesting way.

Senior Project Statement: Agronix is a precision ag company that sells drones to agronomists and farmers. Through the use of drones, farmers are able to access and spot problems in compromised fields ahead of time, which can help them make appropriate interventions without walking their fields, saving time. The project includes the design of a brand identity, ads, trade show display, and a website.

Saharrah Maloney

{Maloney_ Melancholy} “If the wounds on her heart and the bruises on her soul were translated on to her skin, you wouldn’t recognize her at all.”
Nicole Secor

For my senior creative project, I am creating a brand identity for an athletic clothing line called Tomboy. The brand is all about providing girls with loose-fitting workout clothing that doesn't restrict and allows for optimal performance. My project includes designing the logo, in-store posters, advertisements, photos of the clothing, and a mobile app.
Molly Sweeney

My senior creative project will be a complete branding campaign for a fictional children's museum. The scope of the project will include the museum's visual identity, wayfinding, exhibition signage, print materials, website, and app, as well as its print and digital marketing.
Rachel Turdo
Vestal, NY    

I am a collector. I collect ideas, visuals, experiences. As a designer, I pick through all of these things and combine them to make something new. Making something great takes energy, thought, craft and courage. And most of the time caffeine. I give each project my all and my personality always seeps into my work.
For my senior project, I am creating a new visual identity for International Friends, a tour service company for visitors to Britain. The rebrand will tackle all aspects of the brand that the audience will interact with: posters, social media ads, informational brochures, a website, the materials they will receive while on a tour, and a mobile app.

Rachel Turdo

The Governors Ball Music Festival Poster
Justin Ward

For my senior project, I am creating the visual identity for a summer Olympics held in Austin Texas. My challenge is to create an identity that is consistent with the culture of Austin, the values of Texas, and the infinite possibilities of America, while creating a welcoming impression that transcends language and cultural barriers.