July 13, 2020 – Return to campus - Your health, COVID-19 Testing, Student Health Insurance, and Packing for your return

July 13, 2020

Good day to our students – new and returning!

The College is very excited to welcome everyone to campus by the middle of August! Hopefully you have had an opportunity to watch President Chesbrough's video found here. As your Vice President for Student Affairs, I am coordinating a series of follow up communications to include both videos and written narratives to help everyone understand various aspects of your return to campus life and to allow you to prepare appropriately to join us as a fully committed member of a campus community that will need support from each of us to sustain a healthy and safe community for all. Feel free to share in your review of the videos with those who are supporting and helping you get ready for college (immediate and extended family, friends, etc.). They will need to watch with you, as the video allows for viewing by campus community exclusively.   

These Health, Testing, Insurance, and Packing videos center on what you can and need to be doing now to ensure you have provided all required documentation and testing, and also as you begin the process of planning and packing for your return. 

Future videos will include specific attention to areas including:

  • Our Move In Process
  • Masks, Health Screening, Distancing, and Densities: Policies and Our Campus Pledge
  • Fall Semester Intermittent COVID Testing
  • Living On Campus
  • Dining On Campus
  • Going to Class
  • Activities: Remote, In Person, and Combinations (Hybrid)
  • Supporting our Athletes
  • Quarantine or Isolation?

Once you have watched today's videos, please reference the information attached and below to help you take appropriate actions to be ready to return!

  • Important information, directions, and links for your Health documents, COVID-19 testing, and Review and Waiver of the College insurance plan as referenced in the video are linked in the attached documents, labeled accordingly.
  • Please remember to do what is necessary to keep yourself healthy beginning today.
  • Avoid situations where gatherings are overly dense and do not permit 6-10 feet of distancing, where individuals would be unlikely to follow mask and other health protocols, or where the duration of the interaction would create undue risk of exposure to COVID-19 (longer than 10 minutes of direct contact).
  • Eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.
  • Wear your mask or face covering when out in public.
  • Wash your hands and carry/use hand sanitizer to use when handwashing is not possible.

As you are preparing and packing to return to campus, we recommend the following:

  • Pack LESS of your clothes, shoes, coats, games, appliances, decorations, - NOT more. Remember you are here for a focused semester (no mid-semester breaks, etc.), and then will be home for nearly two months. Bring what you really will need and use, and can easily bring home at Thanksgiving.
  • Consider increasing the cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes that you do bring. The College will have cleaning supplies, hand soap and sanitizer stations in public areas and restrooms throughout campus, but in this unique time, your own supply can be especially useful.
  • Bring a camp/folding chair for sitting outside. The College is placing new seating to encourage conversational areas outside. Because we do have such beautiful and plentiful space outside, and the early/mid fall can be wonderful in Cazenovia, having your own seating ready to go will just be an additional help for you.
  • Get your masks and face coverings ready! These will be required on campus (in class, between classes, in administrative buildings, in public spaces and bathrooms, whenever you are less than six feet away from another person), and to maintain their effectiveness, cloth coverings must be washed with warm water and soap daily. The College will be providing students with their own cloth Wildcat mask. Having additional masks and face coverings with you will help in case you cannot get to washing one each day.

All videos, emails, and materials shared to assist you will be referenced on our website. Any questions can always be directed to covid19questions@cazenovia.edu.

I do hope these materials are all helpful as you anticipate your return to the College. Our collective ability to be properly healthy and prepared for life in our campus community will be critical to our collective care and success! Please get ready! Together we can do this! Remember, One Family, One Pack!

Let's get to it Caz!