July 14, 2020 – Returning to campus - Your moving in process!

July 14, 2020

Hello Cazenovia Wildcats!

The College is working very hard to provide everyone a smooth arrival process in the context of all safety measures and practices. We continue to ask that as part of the community and our partners, you please prepare well to arrive for your move on to campus! Please review the latest video and then reference below for our TOP TIPS to prepare us all for a smooth move in!

New students (first year and transfer) have received your move in date and time. While arriving at the designated time may require some re-arranging and planning with your family, we ask that you adhere to this date and time. The move in schedule has been prepared to maintain appropriate density, distancing, and also to allow for appropriate disinfecting between scheduled move in appointments, so modifications to the schedule interrupt our best practices. As we continue to emphasize, maintaining the health and safety of our community will require the collective cooperation of all of us.

Returning students, you will receive information regarding your arrival planning and sign up information by end of day Wednesday, July 14, 2020. Please look for an email from Residence Life with directions. Again, there are parameters you will be expected to follow to also maintain a healthy move in environment and process for all. It will be important that you review the email carefully.

Top Tips:

  1. All students moving in will be permitted up to 2 guests to accompany them and help with moving their belongings. We ask that no individuals under the age of 15 are included. If you choose to bring more than two people, additional individuals will need to wait in your vehicle while you are moving in. They will not be permitted into the residences or on campus, as it is important to maintain appropriate density within the residences and across the campus. No family pets will be permitted onto campus or in residences.
  2. Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your appointed move in time. All students and guests will be expected to complete a vehicle check in where parties in your vehicle will have a Health Screening, confirm the student's health paperwork and testing documentation is current and complete, sign your campus pledge regarding compliance with health protocols, and review your billing and payment information. Due to gathering, staggering, spacing, and disinfecting protocols, there is no opportunity for us to modify your move in time, so arriving as we are indicating for vehicle check in is critical!
  3. Masks will be required in your vehicle once you arrive at the College and begin checking in. Also as you complete the entire move in process. This includes from your cars to the residence, and in all hallways, elevators (where applicable), and restrooms. Once you are in your room with your door closed, you are able to remove your mask.
  4. Once you have completed your vehicle check in, you will be provided your keys to indicate you are authorized to move in. Please follow directions for appropriate parking locations depending on your residence, and then wait at your car to be called to enter your residence. We will need to maintain distance/density while entering the residence to keep you and our employees at Caz safe.
  5. It is important to socially distance in all public areas inside the building.  We have scheduled a staggered process to support you in doing so. Just follow appropriate trafficking through the hallways, restrooms, etc. and you will be fine! This kind of support and participation will be expected through the semester, so starting this practice as soon as you arrive will help you be successful through the semester.
  6. Please prioritize unloading your vehicle and getting your belongings in to your room before unpacking and setting up your room. Remember your guests will need to leave the residences and return to their vehicles at the end of the 2.5 hour appointment time. We understand this might be challenging. It is however essential to honor this schedule to be sure everyone has the opportunity and time to move in, so we will do our best to let you and your guests focus on moving in, and will ask you to do your best to please focus first on unloading your vehicle. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  7. Additional activities and events schedules are forthcoming. For our incoming students, we want to appropriately recognize and celebrate your first weekend on campus. For our returning students, it is a "homecoming" like no other, as we all have missed one another for these many months. Please follow Caz CAB on Instagram for on-going activities updates in addition to a future video and communication from me. We are planning for a number of activities options and platforms – each honoring density, distancing, and additional health and safety practices, while also noting the distinctive and special time a return to campus presents each fall!

We cannot thank you all enough – and once again - for the anticipated understanding, support, and cooperation as we continue to work diligently to make sure we are honoring best practices for keeping the Caz family as safe and healthy as is possible. As always, any questions can be directed to covid19questions@cazenovia.edu.

Best to each of you, and let's get ready to RETURN!