July 27, 2020 – Information for all students regarding travel from a state on the NYS Restricted Travel list

July 27, 2020

Good evening!

I am sending this to alert all students who are intending to return to campus this fall regarding the NYS mandates regarding your travel from a state on the current travel advisory and restriction list. Your travel may be because are staying or traveled in a restricted state, and are returning to your home in NYS OR because your home is in a restricted state, and you are coming to NYS to attend Cazenovia College. Students whose current home address indicates they live in a restricted state received an email similar to this one from me on Saturday, July 25, 2020. Recognizing that those students whose home addresses may not be in restricted states may have travel plans, summer plans, or work plans in a restricted state, this email is now being sent to all students for clarification and your review.

Because of required precautionary quarantine mandates that are active in NYS, I am writing to share information about what this type of quarantine entails, as well as options to help you determine what you will do to plan to successfully complete the quarantine, and then move on to campus and begin your classes on the College's timeline as indicated by our academic calendar. Please plan to review the NYS Restricted States list regularly, as placement on the list is calculated on a 7-day rolling average of COVID-19 cases in each state. Therefore, states can be placed on and removed from the list depending on changes in the number of cases. If the state you are currently or will soon be in – whether visiting for more than 24 hours or residing - is on the list, you will be expected to complete a 14-day precautionary quarantine at a location that you register with the College upon your arrival in NYS. Information regarding the limitations on individuals in quarantine, and on how to successfully quarantine can be found here.

In order to move on to campus during our designated move in days (August 14 and 15 for new first year and transfer students and August 16 and 17 for returning students), new students will need to begin their quarantine by August 1, 2020, and returning students will need to begin their quarantine by August 3, 2020. Per NYS regulations, your quarantine must occur within NYS. You may quarantine at home or with friends or family members who have a residence in NYS. If that is not an option, the College offers housing with cleaning, daily check-ins, and delivered dining services to students, or students may elect to stay at a hotel in NYS for their quarantine. Cost for campus housing, dining and all additional services for the full 14-day quarantine is $450. Hotel costs will vary, and individuals should contact the businesses directly for information if that is of interest.

Once students have determined a quarantine plan and arrived at the quarantine location, students in quarantine MUST complete the attached Registration (please write clearly on the form) and return it to Elaine Koch, eckoch@cazenovia.edu. We can only accept the registration via an email attachment. Scanned documents or cell phone photos will be accepted, and are due to Elaine on day one of a student's quarantine. Even if you have been in touch with Elaine or other College staff prior to this email, we are asking that all students complete the registration process.

At the end of quarantine, students will be sent an on-line Student Health Self-Screening form via their Cazenovia email. Students are to complete that on-line screening on their last day of quarantine, just prior to exiting quarantine. Upon completion, this will be electronically submitted to our Health Center director and must be received prior to the scheduled vehicle/personal check in on campus for move in.

The College understands that a quarantine is an added inconvenience. It is a NYS regulation and something with which we all are expected to comply. We appreciate so many of you who have spoken with us already regarding your residence in or travel to a restricted state. We are especially appreciative of those who are already making plans to complete the quarantine as part of your dedication and commitment to returning to Cazenovia while maintaining these standards in support of the health and safety of the entire community.

We also expect there may be additional questions beyond the information provided here. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document also attached to this email for further guidance on registering for on-campus housing services, payment information, COVID-19 required testing for students from restricted states, what to plan to pack for your quarantine on campus, and whether you may have an individual(s) from the restricted state help you move in to your regular residence hall room once you complete your quarantine. If there are additional questions after that review, please contact Tiffany Varlaro, tsvarlaro@cazenovia.edu, Elaine Koch, eckoch@cazenovia.edu or covid19questions@cazenovia.edu so that members of the College can review and respond accordingly.

Thank you for your continued commitment to joining the Cazenovia College community at such a unique time. We are eager to see our students, and know that our campus pride and spirit will only grow stronger as we navigate these times and prepare to support the health and well-being of the entire campus community together.

Best to you and your families,