Getting involved equals student success. Students who are actively involved outside of the classroom gain the most from their college experience. The Division of Student Affairs provides meaningful experiences to help students become engaged in the campus community. All initiatives in the Division support and complement the primary learning mission of the College, while encouraging campus pride and spirit.  Programs, activities and services provided by the division are designed to address learning and growth that complements the in-class experiences and to allow students opportunities to tailor a campus experience that makes them excited to be a part of this vibrant community.

Commuter students have all the privileges of residential students and play an important part in campus life. Their full participation in college activities—social, cultural, athletic and academic—enriches the total program for all students.  We welcome not only their involvement, but their on-going feedback to help us continue to support the Caz experience for and with our commuter students!

With 40 clubs and organizations, an active residential program, a host of work/work study positions, and a number of opportunities to connect with the professionals in our division, there are endless ways that students at Cazenovia College can develop stronger peer and staff connections with the division, while offering direct impact on the continuous improvement of the Cazenovia College experience. 

Cazenovia’s Student Government Association (SGA) provides advocacy for the improvement of student life, a conduit for communication between students and the administration, and financial and programming support for campus clubs and organizations.
The majority of full-time students live on campus in resident halls, suite-style housing or College-operated apartments. We encourage you to take a closer look at the variety of living options offered at Caz.
More than 40 clubs and organizations offer students many opportunities to explore interests, enrich their academic experience and connect with other students, faculty and staff.
The Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides the campus with social events such as comedians, films, live performances, and special events. Leadership programs allow students to participate in team building activities and develop their leadership skills.