Topics To Discuss With Your Roommate

We understand that the on-campus living environment may be new for some students. The information below is designed to assist students in transitioning to this new environment. Roommates will also discuss lifestyle preferences and complete a Roommate Agreement during the first few weeks on campus. The Agreement provides the opportunity to establish some guidelines related to living arrangements and generate discussions regarding roommate needs and preferences.

  • What I need to maintain privacy and feel comfortable in your and my room
  • Hours I like to sleep, study, or ‘hang out’
  • Rules about Visitors - When are they allowed? Anytime? Weekends only? Daytime only? Who is allowed? Family only? Other students?
  • Rules for borrowing each other’s 'stuff'
  • Rules about food in the refrigerator
  • Rules about TV/Stereo use and times
  • Expectations about cleaning
  • Use of alcohol, cigarettes, or other substances
  • Other living expectations important to me
  • Expectations on how to communicate about issues or challenges – What can you expect from me if I have a problem

We Suggest The Following Advice…

  • Respect each other's privacy.
  • Remember, you and your roommate have the right to feel comfortable in the room that will be home to both of you this year.
  • Keep visitation to a minimum and always ask your roommate first if it is ok.

Future Considerations...

  • Never share calling cards, credit cards, lock combinations, passwords or other important numbers.
  • Comfort and studying come first. All other issues are secondary (visitors, music, etc,)

Download the Roommate Agreement (pdf)