All full-time matriculated freshmen, sophomores and juniors (under 90 credits) are required to live in College residential facilities, except for those students who live within commuting distance (25 mile radius) and either reside with parents/legal guardians or in their primary residence, or who have been granted an exemption from the Dean for Student Life. Some scholarships have residency requirements.

"Full-time" is defined as maintaining at least twelve (12) credit hours per semester. A student must be enrolled full-time and maintain at least the equivalent of 12 credit hours per semester to live in College-owned or leased housing. If a student drops below 12 credits s/he must obtain the approval of the Dean for Student Life to remain in campus housing.

First Year and Transfer Student Housing Selection Process

Housing and roommate assignments for first year and transfer students are sent in early summer. Incoming first-year students and transfer students are matched and assigned using information from their New Student Housing Information Form. Sometimes friends decide to attend Cazenovia College together and wish to be roommates. If this is the case, please complete the Roommate Preference section of the New Student Housing Information Form and ensure that your desired roommate does the same. Students must mutually request one another as roommates in order to live together.

Special Housing Accommodations

We realize that some students have needs that might qualify them for special housing consideration. Special needs housing is decided each year on an individual basis. Accordingly, students needing a special housing accommodation must submit a request each year.

Students who require special accommodations must submit proper documentation from a health care provider and be granted approval through the Health Office. Please ask your healthcare provider to complete the Housing Accommodation Form, which may be downloaded from the Health Office section of our website.