College policies are in place to create a safe and secure environment. To contribute to this environment, the residential facilities are locked twenty-four hours a day. Resident Advisors and Campus Safety staff members also make periodic rounds of the residence halls. However, final responsibility for safety rests ultimately with each individual. The following are precautionary measures that are highly recommended: Lock your room door and windows whenever you leave the room. Do not prop open any outside residence hall doors.  Immediately report any suspicious persons or activities to the Office of Student Life staff and/or Campus Safety.

Fire Safety

No alteration or decoration of student rooms (e.g. decorative canopies on the ceilings, lofted or bunked beds, real trees etc.) that interferes with or compromises the full effectiveness of fire safety systems is allowed. Furniture that does not meet basic fire safety standards is prohibited in residence halls. No more than 10% of a residence hall room (including doors and windows) may be covered by combustible decorations.

Fire extinguishers, fire doors, and fire alarm and sprinkler systems should never be used nor tampered with except in cases of a fire or during an official drill. Misuse of these items will result in disciplinary action and may lead to suspension or dismissal from College, and the involvement of local law enforcement agencies. Students must fully and immediately evacuate buildings when the fire alarm sounds. Failure to evacuate may lead to disciplinary action.

Health and Safety Inspections

In order to prevent students from unwittingly contributing to health and safety hazards, a member of the College’s staff will conduct basic health and safety inspections of each residential room at least once during the academic year. In recognition of the staff time commitment required for these inspections, they are often conducted during College vacation periods. When violations occur, residents will be notified in writing and provided a specific time frame to correct or address the alleged violation. Items found to be in violation of College policy will be confiscated by an Office of Student Life staff member and/or Campus Safety and held until the student returns. Illegal items will be confiscated and discarded appropriately. If during any of the inspections mentioned above, violations of the Student Code of Conduct are found, appropriate judicial procedures may be initiated. Basic health and safety concerns are not addressed only at inspection time. Students are responsible for the safety and cleanliness of their living environment throughout the entire year. Staff have the responsibility to confront students about health and safety issues as they are observed.


The housekeeping staff is responsible for the daily cleaning of the public areas of the residential facilities. Students are responsible for maintaining a reasonable standard of cleanliness in the public areas and for keeping their private spaces to a reasonable standard of cleanliness.

Identification Cards (IDs)

Students are expected to carry their Cazenovia College-issued identification card (ID) at all times and surrender it upon request by College agents or employees acting in the performance of their duties.

College IDs permit access to the residential facilities in which the student lives. Therefore, IDs should never be loaned to other students.

In the event a Cazenovia College student loses his or her College ID, he or she can obtain a replacement at Campus Services located at 7 Nickerson St. The cost of a new ID is $25.00. New ID cards can be obtained during campus services hours, Monday - Friday from 1-4:30 pm.

Lost Keys

 A Lost Key Form must be signed by a professional staff member and submitted by the student to Campus Services to obtain a new key. If the room key is lost during the term of occupancy, a lock-replacement charge of $50.00 with a key replacement fee of $25 will be incurred. These charges will be placed on the student’s account.

Upon departure from the residence hall, room keys must be returned to an Office of Student Life staff member. Failure to do so will result in lock-replacement charge of $50.00 and a key replacement fee of $25.


Students who find themselves locked out of their room should contact the On-Duty Resident Advisor during the evening hours or a Resident Advisor who resides in their residential facility. Only once students have attempted unsuccessfully to find an RA should they call Campus Safety for assistance.

If a student incurs more than two lockouts, the student will be charged $75 for the replacement of the lock and key with the assumption that they have lost their key.

Students taking advantage of this system or who demonstrate an unwillingness or inability to be responsible in the use of their keys may be subject to disciplinary action.


Maintenance staff is available 24 hours a day. This staff is responsible for the maintenance of all campus buildings and grounds. Emergency repairs should be reported to Campus Services at 315-655-7227 on Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. During after-hours and weekends, please contact Campus Safety at 315-655-7271.

Non-emergency repairs can be reported by submitting a "footprint" to Campus Services on myCaz.

Responsibility for Personal Property

It is the responsibility of students to safeguard their possessions by always locking their doors when leaving their rooms.

The College does not accept responsibility for the theft, loss or damage by fire, and/or flood or otherwise of money, valuables, computers or any personal property of the student in the student’s residence hall or any other College housing where they may have belongings. Students are advised to purchase their own insurance to cover such losses. Since family Home Owner’s Insurance Policies sometimes provide coverage for the personal property of a family member away at school, students are also encouraged to check with their family’s insurance agent.

Roofs, Ledges, Windows and Screens

Students are not allowed to sit, climb or walk through windows, on roofs or ledges. Students and others are not permitted to throw anything into or out of a residence hall window nor hang or place anything outside those windows. Screens are not to be removed from windows. Removal of screen and/or passing through windows may result in a fine/disciplinary action.

Room Keys

Students are expected to carry their keys and their College-issued ID at all times. To help insure proper security for students and their belongings, residential facility doors are locked twenty-four hours a day. Students are strongly encouraged to lock their room door at all times to promote personal safety.

Students are not to copy or loan their key(s) under any circumstances.