The Resident Advisor (RA) serves many roles including community builder, role model, resource person, educator through programming and administrator. Their main purpose is to develop and maintain a positive living and learning environment that promotes and encourages positive interpersonal, educational, social and professional development. For many residential students, their Resident Advisor (RA) will be the most important link to the College.

Resident Advisors, under the supervisor of professional staff in Residence Life, are responsible for designing, planning and implementing social and educational programs throughout the academic year. These programs encourage students to become engaged in the life of the College by providing social opportunities as well as opportunities to enhance their intellectual and personal development.

Participation in these programs help students to connect with members of their community, identify several resources on campus, name several healthy ways to reduce stress, manage personal finances responsibly, describe the impact they have had on the community through volunteerism and articulate the meaning and benefits of diversity.

Resident Advisors also serve as part of the Residence Life emergency response process. Resident Advisors are on duty at front desks of all traditional residence halls for evening hours seven days a week. They are additionally on call outside of traditional business hours to respond to student concerns, and can reach full time professional staff who are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the academic year. Students may contact Campus Safety at (315) 655-7555 or (315) 374-2693 to reach Residence Life on call and emergency response staff.

Students interested in becoming a Resident Advisor should contact Residence Life at (315) 655-7237.