Campus Safety Emergency contact:*

CALL “911” for immediate / on-going emergencies
315-655-7555 (dial “7555” from any campus phone)

315-374-2693 (24 hour text)


Campus Safety is located in Rooms 108 and 109 of the Campus Center at Watts Hall.

Campus Safety general e-mail:

Campus Safety Fax: 315-655-7398

Campus Safety mailing address:
Cazenovia College Department of Campus Safety
Room 108 – Campus Center at Watts Hall
4 Nickerson Street
Cazenovia, NY 13035

Roberta A. Comerford



About the Office of Campus Safety

The mission of Cazenovia College's office of Campus Safety is to provide a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors by detecting and deterring crime, disorder and the fear of crime on campus; securing and protecting Cazenovia College property; and providing a variety of proactive programs on crime prevention and safety.

We accomplish this mission through officer visibility on campus, continuing education, training for our employees, and a commitment to professional and courteous service. Cazenovia College's office of Campus Safety is responsible for providing direct and general security services to the campus population. These services include, but are not limited to, the protection of life and property, reduction of opportunities for the commission of crime, resolution of conflict, and the identification of offenders and criminal activity.

In addition, Cazenovia College's office of Campus Safety has primary responsibility for providing continuous patrol coverage and traffic operations on campus property.

*To anonymously report incidents that affect the quality of life on campus, use any campus phone to call the T.I.P.S. line at EXT. 7600.