Emergency Blue Light

The Emergency Call Box Blue Light Phone System is a series of boxes strategically located throughout campus to provide assistance to anyone in distress.

When the call-buttons are depressed, they automatically dial the Campus Safety cell phone and provide Campus Safety with the location of the call.


Emergencey Call Box

Emergency Blue Light Phone Call Box Locations


  • 43 Lincklaen Street - West side
  • Chapman Hall - East side
  • Coleman Hall - South entrance      
  • Coleman Hall - North entrance
  • Health Office - West side  
  • Jephson Campus (South Campus) Building A - East side
  • Jephson Campus (South Campus) Building B - North side
  • Park Hall - South west corner
  • Schneeweiss Athletic Complex - North west corner  
  • Schneeweiss Athletic Complex - North east corner
  • Schneeweiss Athletic Complex - South side
  • Schneeweiss Athletic Complex - South end of middle parking lot
  • Shove Hall - North east corner             
  • Shove Suites - Main entrance


Courtesy Telephones

Courtesy Telephones

Additionally, courtesy telephones are located outside the main entrance to each residence hall. These provide telephone access for both emergency and non-emergency contact to any campus extension.