It is the policy of the Campus Health Service to provide high quality health care while facilitating students' academic success. We recognize that class attendance and participation play an important role in this success. Routine illnesses, emergencies and exacerbations of chronic conditions may interfere with class attendance and completion of assigned work. Students are encouraged to review attendance policies in the course syllabus and resolve issues of class absence or missed work assignments with professors directly.

The Health Service staff does not routinely issue medical excuses. On occasion, staff may be asked to verify a medical illness. Such cases will be considered on an individual basis. A medical excuse may be given by a nurse practitioner when a student’s health and welfare are in question or when attending classes/activities poses a public health risk, such as in the case of a communicable disease. When a student is advised to remain out of class, written documentation will be given to the student.   Appointment cards should not be used by students, or accepted by faculty, as documentation for a class absence. We make every effort possible to work around students' class schedules.

Students considering withdrawal from the College for medical reasons are encouraged to consult with Health Center staff in the decision-making process. For privacy reasons, staff will not release any information about a student's office visit or condition, unless the student signs a release form giving specific permission. All inquiries about this policy should be directed to the Health Center staff.

Health Center Phone:  315-655-7122