Art Club

Getting the creative minds of Cazenovia College together to appreciate and create art in a community that will also collaborate on ideas and projects throughout the school.

Business Club

Providing all who join with the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the world of business, and career opportunities.

Communication Studies Club

Engaging students and community in social, political, economic and cultural activities relative to the field of communication.

Criminal Justice Club

Keeping members current with regard to matters of criminal justice, and making time to actively participate in relevant community service activities.

English Club

Providing a place where students can connect through literature and films by engaging in discussion and analysis.

Fashion Connection

Preparing any student interested in fashion with proper knowledge and opportunities to explore the field beyond the classroom.

Human Services Club

Providing students with the opportunity to participate in volunteering, educational, and social activities which offer understanding of the array of support and opportunity in human services related agencies and activities.

Interior Design Club

Informing members on current and emerging interior design trends. Exploring convention centers and historical homes, as well as donating knowledge and skill for interior design to local businesses.

Psychology Club

Uniting members of the student body, interested in psychology, and allowing all the opportunity to explore and improve our collective understanding.

Sports Management Club

Offering members the opportunity to network with professionals in Sports Management, as well as engage in hands on experiences in the Sports Management field.