Student leadership programs provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance a personal leadership philosophy that includes understanding of self, others, and community, and acceptance of responsibilities inherent in community membership.

Our student leadership programs are designed to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities. Through formal training and experiential opportunities, students have the opportunity to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership; gain varied leadership experiences; and use multiple leadership techniques, theories and models.

Our programs promote learning and development in students by encouraging outcomes such as intellectual growth, ability to communicate effectively, realistic self-appraisal, enhanced self-esteem, clarification of values, meaningful interpersonal relations, ability to work independently and collaboratively, appreciation of aesthetic and cultural diversity, and achievement of personal goals.

Possible student leadership positions include Student Government Association Officer, Orientation Leader/Advisor, Student Club or Organization Officer, Community Service Volunteer, Resident Advisor, Certified Peer Educator or membership in the campus’ chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success.