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2021 Virtual Faculty Library Lecture Series

Sponsored by Helen Stacy and Patricia Stacy Healey ’62

All lectures begin at 5 PM
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Dr. David Rufo
Thursday, March 11
Transgressive Aesthetics: When Children Curate the Classroom

Dr. David Rufo’s research examines the self-initiated creativity of children in educational settings. During his time as an elementary classroom teacher, Dr. Rufo documented the array of creative actions his students initiated. In his research, he posed the question, “What would a classroom look like if the students were given permission to organize, decorate, and alter the space according to their personal aesthetic?” This lecture will respond to that question and then explore the benefits and challenges of allowing children significant creative agency in the elementary classroom.


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Dr. Benjamin
Thursday, April 8
The Origins and Basics of Hostage Negotiations

Dr. Benjamin Baughman’s lecture examines the origins and basics of hostage negotiation (HN) in policing. The lecture will start with a cursory discussion of Dr. Harvey Schlossberg and Captain Frank Boltz’s initial contributions to this area of policing in the mid ‘70s. They are both credited with adding the first formal de-escalation option (hostage negotiating) to modern policing. In conjunction with the foundation of HN developed by Dr. Schlossberg and Capt. Boltz, Dr. Baughman will use his own experiences and education to highlight this approach to barricaded and hostage situations. Dr. Baughman retired from the Raleigh Police Department (RPD) and is an assistant professor in criminal justice and homeland security studies at Cazenovia College. He served as a hostage negotiator for the RPD and taught these concepts for over 20 years. His master’s thesis was in the area of hostage/ barricaded subjects.