Cazenovia College invites local kids of all ages to our annual Science Night event in the laboratories of Eckel Hall at Cazenovia College. This is an annual event normally scheduled for the fourth Thursday of October from 6 - 8 p.m. The event is always free and open to the public.


What to Expect

Cazenovia College students and faculty from a variety of disciplines look forward to this fun event each year.  They set up and run 12 – 15 stations for participants to explore topics such as: 

  • Human biology
  • Horse anatomy
  • Shark anatomy
  • Psychology
  • Fingerprinting
  • Disappearing and invisible inks
  • Chemistry
  •  Microscopic aquatic organisms
  •  Animal skulls, and so much more!
About Students' Involvement In The Event

Students in upper-level courses typically take the lead in organizing and running the event, but many first-semester students help as well!  All of our students enjoy getting to see how much fun everyone has during this unique event. 

We run some of our particularly popular stations each year, but station topics do vary at least slightly each year. Each year our Science is Fun program contains some different activities.  Our stations are inspired by the college courses that are running and by the new ideas students bring each year. Some stations include simple observation, but most stations involve hands-on (or even hands-dirty!) activities! With 12-15+ stations spread throughout our labs, most participants are kept busy (and learning) for the entire two hours!

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Questions may be directed to Professor Thad Yorks at 315-655-7148 or