Cazenovia College's relationship with residents and governmental entities in the Village and Town of Cazenovia is based upon shared goals and mutual understanding.

As the largest employer in the Village, the College provides a significant financial base upon which the community depends. College employees, students, and their families take advantage of the goods and services available in the area.

The College is a significant source of educational and cultural opportunities and activities, year-round, for area residents, and as a not-for-profit institution, strives to maintain a balance of responsible, sustainable growth and the needs of the area's government agencies and populace.

In turn, the College depends upon the support of area residents and businesses for its well-being. Maintaining a collegial relationship with a population that understands and supports the goals of the College is a vitally important aspect of Cazenovia College's community relations effort.

If you have questions or comments, or would like to discuss any aspect of the College's community relations efforts, please contact the director of communications and marketing.