Cazenovia College's Integrated Marketing Plan seeks to maintain a consistent image in all the College's internal and external marketing efforts and communications initiatives. Maintaining the College’s graphic identity, both on- and off-campus, is vital to the College’s name recognition. 

Proper use of the College logos and seal are a vital component of the plan. The Cazenovia College graphic identity must be maintained by following the College’s graphic standards for use of Cazenovia College name, the College logo and seal, on the Web site, publications and other printed matter, apparel, and any other items given or sold to the campus community and members of the public. 

All College publications, including posters and brochures and other advertising materials produced by individual departments, or by student interns (especially those that include the College logos or official seal) should be vetted by the director of communications and the art director before mass reproduction for on- or off-campus use.

Photography and Videotaping - Cazenovia College often photographs or videotapes students, faculty staff, and guests while they are on the College campus, or during College-sponsored functions. Such photographs, video and audio may be used by the College for promotional purposes, in College publications, press releases, advertisements, the College Web site, other associated sites, and other promotional materials. The College considers such use of images to be directory information under the Buckley Amendment, also known as FERPA.

For assistance with any aspect of the College's Integrated Marketing Plan, please call the director of communications and marketing at 315-655-7377. To initiate a project, please complete the Project Request Form.