Social media is an outlet of electronic communication, the most popular being social networks that allow users to share information, photos, videos, etc. Social Media can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Cazenovia College understands the importance of social media and encourages its use throughout campus; keep the College’s mission and values in mind when disseminating content.

Before creating a social media page, consider using Cazenovia College’s existing social media outlets. If you have information, news and events that you would like posted to one or more of the College’s main social media outlets, please contact the social media coordinator.

If you decide a separate social media account would be more beneficial for your respective area, contact the Office of Communications. Below are are some guidelines we ask you to follow for your social media accounts.

General Guidelines
  • Social Media accounts must be checked daily in order to monitor activity, interaction, and publish posts.
  • Keep your page current. When you do not post anything for two weeks or more, the page looks incomplete.
    • Facebook pages should have 2-3 new posts each week.
    • Twitter should have one post every other day due to the fast pace of updates on the site.
    • YouTube is a form of video archive; it is not necessary to have a video every week.
    • Instagram is a photo sharing application.  Post a photo at least once a week with a short description and a hashtag.
    • Blogs need to be updated weekly.
  • If your followers ask you a question or comment on your post, answer them. This will help your page gain credibility and value.
  • Content should be professional and grammatically correct. Keep in mind that what is posted and how it is posted is a direct reflection of the College.
Remember: Social Media is all public. Once you post or upload a photo, everyone will be able to see it or search for it.

Profile Photo & Cover Photo
  • The profile photo needs to represent your department or name and the cover photo can be a scenic photo of where on campus your office/department is located or a general campus photo.

Copyrighted Material
  • All images on our social media sites are copyrighted by Cazenovia College or the original owner of the work published.
  • In order to use copyrighted artwork, photos, video, music, audio, etc., you must have written permission from the owner(s); the owner(s) must be aware that the copyrighted material in question will be used on the Internet.
  • Photo/Video Consent forms should be used when using a photo on social media. Contact the social media coordinator for an individual or group consent form.

  • Cazenovia College students participating in the video must sign the Photo/Video Consent form.
  • The video must not contain any vulgar or violent material if it is connected to Cazenovia College in any way.  
  • If you are using music, the music must be copyright-free; if it is copyrighted, you must obtain permission from the owner(s) to use the copyrighted music.

Logo Usage/Graphic Standards
  • Any logo or graphic associated with Cazenovia College needs to follow Cazenovia College's graphic standards. To request a graphic, use the Project Request form
  • If you have a social media account that is not affiliated with the College but that uses the College logo or graphic, the account will be reported and the administrator of the account will be asked to remove the logo or graphic.

NCAA/NEAC Rules and Regulations
  • Any athletics-related accounts, videos and photos must follow the NCAA Division III guidelines for Social Media and recruiting. [ View Guidelines (pdf) ]

Terms of Service
  • Every social media account must follow the terms of service provided by those sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).