Tait Chirenje

Dr. Tait Chirenje
is an environmental chemist who is currently an Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Geology. He teaches various courses including Environmental Issues, Water Chemistry, Environmental Pollution and Regulation, Environmental Issues, Environmental Toxicology, and Environmental Remediation and Biotechnology. 

His research interests include (i) geochemical characterization of water bodies (lakes and rivers), (ii) Brownfields assessment and (iii) urban geochemistry. He has published extensively in the areas of trace metal and urban geochemistry and has recently worked on NJDEP grants assessing water quality in Hammonton Lake and NJDCA grants assessing brownfields in South Jersey municipalities.

Dr. Chirenje works with various campus and off-campus groups on issues relating to Sustainability and Water Quality and is currently active in the American Democracy Project. He is a member of the American Geophysical Union, the American Chemical Society and the Geological Society of America.