LinkedIn is a social networking platform where members can connect with other professionals and expand their network.  LinkedIn is very useful for job searches and most recently, using decision boards to pick a college.

How does it benefit you?
Incoming Students
  • Follow Cazenovia College “University” page to stay informed with the college’s latest news and events.
  • Connect with others in a professional setting.

Current Students
  • Start making connections with professionals in your major, with friends and possibly professors.
  • Join a variety of groups made available.
  • Connect with alumni in your intended professional field.
  • LinkedIn is a great tool for job opportunities. Research company pages to see if any openings are offered.
  • Job recruiters do search LinkedIn profiles; make sure your information is up to date.
  • Interested in pursuing a graduate degree? Use LinkedIn’s education tools to help target your choices.

  • Connect with students or alumni and stay connected in their professional life.
  • Connect with professionals in your field or fellow employees at Cazenovia College.
  • Join points of interest, alumni or professional groups on LinkedIn.
  • Use Slideshare (slideshow tool) to share presentations.
  • Stay connected to your alma mater by following their “University” page.
Create a profile and include a professional photo or headshot for the profile picture. To create a profile, provide an e-mail and password. Include information for the following subjects: skills, honors and awards, projects, education and experience.

"Profile strength" will be shown on the right side of the page; aim to have your profile strength at 90%.

How do I "connect" with other users?
Search profiles for the person you would like to "connect" with and click the "connect" button.

"Pulse" is a new addition to LinkedIn that allows users to keep up with news and insights you need to know. In this area you will find blog posts written by influential people and companies. "Pulse" allows you to choose which "influencers" you want to follow.

Home Tab
The “Home” tab provides the top news from pages you follow, your connections and key people you follow from "Pulse."

Once a member of LinkedIn, you can request permission to enter groups, giving members a space to interact with other professionals. Visitors and members alike can share professional information, news or events to the page and ask questions.

Education Tab
This tab allows college-bound students to research colleges they may want to attend and begin planning their career path. Whether you are looking to earn an undergraduate degree or graduate degree, the Education tab could benefit you.

The Education tab includes:
  • University Finder
    - Choose what majors you are interested in, what area of the country you would like to attend college and what company you see yourself working at.
  • Field of Study Explorer
    - Provide the field of study you are interested in pursuing or what company you envision working for. LinkedIn calculates what colleges will be best for that specific field of study.
  • University Rankings
    - Using current user data, LinkedIn ranks universities by majors based on how successful alumni are in different career fields. Note: For now, only bigger colleges are listed under this section.   
  • Find Alumni
    - If you graduated, this tool will help you “connect” with fellow alums.
  • Decision Board
    - Organize the colleges you are most interested in. When you add a school to your decision board, you will now be "Following" their page.
    - If you would like to include Cazenovia College on your "Decision Board," type it into "Search."
    - Looking for a university to earn your graduate degree? Choose colleges and organize them using the "Decision Board."
University pages
LinkedIn added this feature for colleges and universities to share their own important news and events with prospective students, current students, employees and alumni. When you "follow" a University page, notifications from the page will show up on the "home" tab.

The Cazenovia College's University page will inform viewers with general information, important news and events, and allow you to connect with other professionals in your field.

Company pages
A Company page is made for companies to share company news and developments or accomplishments. When you "follow" a company, their page will show up on your "home" tab.