Pinterest is a virtual pin-board (social media) platform that allows users to share their favorite places, fashion, objects, ideas and more by “pinning” them to boards of their choice. Pinterest is a visual platform as it only allows pins that contain an image or video. Users can also search other users' boards and “pin” their content to their own boards.

Follow Cazenovia College on Pinterest, there is a board for everyone’s enjoyment. From Tour Caz and Student Life to Caz Reels and Famous Faces boards, we cover everything that encompasses Cazenovia College.

Follow Cazenovia College on Pinterest:
How does it benefit you?
Current Students
  • Think of Pinterest as a creative planning board or virtual canvas. Plan a trip, collect food and drink recipes, find great DIY projects and much more.
  • Stay connected with Cazenovia College in a more creative social media platform.
  • Join one of our “group” boards and become one of our expert pinners! If interested, email
Incoming Students
  • Follow Cazenovia College on Pinterest, we have a board to please everyone!
  • View our campus and places around Cazenovia right on Pinterest.
  • Create your own boards and have fun!
  • Follow Cazenovia College on Pinterest to view Caz through a different light and find out what is happening on campus and off campus.
  • Planning a vacation trip? Use Pinterest to create a board and plan away!
  • Find out where Caz College alumni are today and view the “Famous Faces” board.
  • Do you like to cook or bake? Pinterest has millions of recipes to choose from!
What does a Pin consist of?
A pin should include an image of what you are trying to showcase and a short description for the image. Finally the pin should include a link (website, blog, etc.) to where you would like the user to go.

What is a board?
A board is a virtual place to put a group of pins that go with a specific theme. For example, Women’s Fashion board would be a place to “pin” tops, dresses, blazers, etc. You would not pin a picture of a car on this board because it doesn’t match the theme of the board.

The wonderful thing about boards is they can be any theme you want them to be. One could be a bucket list -- things you want to do or places you want visit. Another board could be used to plan a party, wedding or event; this feature makes Pinterest personal to the user and allows the user to unleash his or her creativity.

What is a secret board?
A secret board is a board that you have created but don’t want your followers to see yet. Maybe you don’t have a lot of pins on it or haven’t come up with the perfect name for your board.

Interesting fact: Many people who use Pinterest now use it to search for ideas, photos, etc. instead of the Google search.

What is re-pinning?
Re-pinning is taking a “pin” from another user’s board and pinning their content onto your own board/s. In essence, you copy that image/link to your own board.

How do I edit pins?
Click on the “pin” you would like to change, whether it’s the description or link, and click the edit icon (shaped like a pencil).

How do I add a link?
To add a link to your pin, click 'Edit Pin' and there will be a link box. Add your new link to that box and click 'Save.'

What does it mean to “like” a pin?
If you don’t want to re-pin a user’s content but you want to show that you liked it or want to view it later, press the heart icon on the pin. At any time, you can look at all of the pins you have “liked” and re-pin them if you decide to do so.

What is a place board?
Place boards allow users to pin images and descriptions to a specific location; these are called "place-pins." (Pinterest teamed up with Foursquare for this.) You can view our place boards, Oh, the Places Caz Will Go, Tour Caz! and Around the Town to get a better understanding.
Pinterest Place Board

Is there a Pinterest app?
Yes, there is an app for both Apple and Android App stores.
Pinterest App

There are four tabs included on the app: Home Feed, Search, Following, and Profile.

When you open the app, you will see the Pinterest feed (Home Feed). This feed will show the most recent pins from users you follow and also pins promoted by companies or users.

Search provides categories for searching pins and boards.

The Following tab gives updates and new notifications if people have re-pinned, liked or has followed you.