Snapchat is a photo/video sharing social media platform. Users have the option to add text or drawings to their photo or video “snaps” and send them to their list of Snapchat friends. A snap will only last for up to ten seconds until it disappears. If you create a snap “story” the story can be seen by any of the users on your Snapchat list and will be available for 24 hours. 

How does it benefit you?
Incoming Students
  • Interact with Cazenovia College on the most personal social media platform out today.
  • See exclusive content that won’t be shown on our other platforms.
  • Feel free to send us a snap or two!
  • Keep in touch with friends throughout the day by sending snaps!
Current Students
  • Interact with Cazenovia College on the most personal social media platform out today.
  • See exclusive content from Cazenovia College that will not be shown on other social media platforms.
  • Keep in touch with friends throughout the day through snaps and videos.
  • View brands and entertainment companies through Discover.
Set up Snapchat
  1. Download Snapchat on your IPhone or Android phone.
  2. Click sign up and enter your email address, password and birthday. Users must be thirteen years of age.
  3. It will ask you to provide your phone number (disclaimer: Your number will not be shared with other Snapchat users.)
  4. Snapchat gives users the option to receive a six-digit verification code by text message or a phone call.
  5. Next, it will ask you a security question: select all pictures that contain a ghost. It provides 9 photos to choose from.
  6. The "Find Friends" screen will pop up next. To help a user find friends, Snapchat looks at the person’s contacts. To allow this, simply press okay.
  7. Your friends will be able to find you if they have your number in their contacts. A user can also search for a friend by typing in their username.
  8. To see who added you to their friends list, tap the person icon with a plus sign next to it.
    - The magnifying glass is the search button.
  9. Don’t forget to look at your “settings” options. Click on the bottom right corner of the camera screen. In the new window, tap the “gear” icon in the top-right corner.
    You Can:
         - Update your personal information
         - Choose who you can send snaps to
         - Who can view your stories.
         - If you don’t want your friends having the option to find you using your phone number, tap on “mobile number.”
How to Use Snapchat
  1. Take a "snap" with the camera on your phone.
  2. To adjust the focus of the camera, tap the screen once. Touch the camera icon in the top right corner to change the direction the camera is pointing at.
  3. Hit the circle at the bottom middle of the screen to take the snap.
  4. The flash button is at the top left of the screen.
  5. If you would like to take a video, hold down the circle for up to ten seconds. Once it has reached ten seconds, the circle will turn red and it will play back your video.
Adding Captions
If you click on your snap/photo, the text bar will pop up and allow you to write a caption.

Pencil option
You can draw or write on your snap when you click the pencil icon, allowing you to choose colors at your choice.
      *You won’t be able to draw on video snaps.

If you have turned on your features, swipe left or right to try out new filters.

It is a filter that can only be added by users in a specific location. 

In the bottom left corner, it gives you the option to pick the time limit your snap will be available to someone.

Saving images
You have the option to save your video or photos before sending them.  Once you send it, it’s gone.

When you want to send your snap, click on the arrow. Snapchat buddies will show up in a list and you can choose who you want to send them to. Click the box to the buddies you would like to send them to.

If the names you have sent Snapchats to have triangles that are filled in, that means they have been sent, but not opened yet.

Opening Received Snapchats
  1. If you open up to the camera screen, click the square at the bottom left or right. If you have snaps that are unopened, it will have a number on it.
  2. To view the snap, hold it down for the whole time or it will go back to the original screen.
  3. When the time ends on the Snapchat, it will be gone unless you hit replay.
  4. However if you hit replay, the user who sent the Snapchat will be notified.
  5. If you make it in time to screenshot, the user will be notified.
Creating Stories
  1. A story is made up of snaps and/or videos that show up in a news feed, visible for both you and all of your Snapchat friends.
  2. The story lasts up to 24 hours and they can be replayed as many times as you want.
  3. To add a snap or video to your story, click the "square with a plus sign" icon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. To delete a snap, go to your "My Friends" tab and click the settings (gear icon) on the story. Click delete.
View Stories
  1. To see your friends’ stories, click the "My Friends" tab.
  2. To see your uploaded story, click on your username. If you wish to save your story to your photo album, click on the gear icon.
  3. To view your friends’ stories, click their username.
Live Chat
To begin a chat with a Snapchat buddy, click on their name and swipe right. When you leave the chat screen, your conversation will be deleted.

Live Video Chat
If you and your Snapchat buddy are in chat at the same time, the camera button will turn blue and you can video chat with them. But you and that user have to be holding the button at the same time.

What is a Snapchat Score?
  • It provides the # of Snapchats you have sent and received.
  • The score will be accessible on the "snaps you have received" page.
  • The first number is sent and the second is received.
What is 'Discover'?
  • Discover allows companies to create "stories" for all Snapchat users to view. Each story presented by a company will last for 24 hours. Each day, new stories for each company will emerge.
  • 'Swipe' left to browse "snaps." If you want to see more from a 'snap,' 'swipe' up to view a full story, video or additional information. To leave the company’s 'snap' story, 'swipe' down.