Twitter is a social networking site that allows a user to post a message in 140 characters or less. The hashtag is used as a search tool on Twitter. Twitter is a great platform to share news, your thoughts and interact with others.

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How can it benefit you?
Incoming Students
  • Use Twitter to interact with Cazenovia College and admissions counselors at @Caz_Admissions.
  • Stay informed about events and news from Cazenovia College.
Current Students
  • Engage with your friends, family, faculty, alumni and class members.
  • Use Twitter as a form of networking for jobs or professionals in your field.
  • Stay connected with @CazCollege to stay informed about events, news, contests and more.
  • Stay connected to your students and former students through twitter.
  • Network with professionals in your field and share your publications/projects.
What is a hashtag?
A hashtag is used to search on Twitter. Many hashtags can "trend" meaning the hashtag is being used by millions of people. Example: In 2014, the official hashtag for commencement was #Caz2014. When you search #Caz2014, you will see photos and tweets students, faculty and others shared using this hashtag.

What are notifications?
The notifications tab will give you updates including people who have tweeted at you, favorites you have received and retweets.

What is the discover tab?
Use the Discover tab to see current events Twitter has tailored specifically for you. For example, if you "follow" someone who "follows" ABC News, Discover will provide tweets from ABC News. In addition, Discover will include the most engaging tweets at that time including what hashtags are "trending."

What is @ used for?
The "@" symbol is used at the beginning of every Twitter handle. If you type "@" it will bring up the Twitter handles of your followers. 

What if I want to mention someone in my tweet or reply to them?
If you are replying to a tweet someone sent you, put a period before the "@" sign if you are beginning your tweet with it (.@) and if you want all your followers to see it. If you don’t put the period in front of it, only that user will be able to see it.

What does RT mean?
RT stands for retweet. Retweeting means you liked another user’s tweet so much that you want it to show up on your account feed.
The symbol looks like this:
Retweet icon

What does MT mean?
This stands for a Modified Tweet. You use MT when you are quoting another’s tweet, but you’ve made a slight change to it. Most of the time this is due to running out of the 140 character limit.

What does "favorite" mean?
When you favorite a tweet, it means you showed the user and your followers you liked that tweet. Unlike a Retweet, it won’t show up on your own account feed. The symbol for a "favorite" is a
Twitter Favorite icon

What does DM mean?
DM stands for Direct Message. This is a message between you and another user that can only be seen by the two of you. Twitter recently added the ability to have a group message within Direct Message.

What are Trends and where can I find them?
Trends are the most popular topics or hashtags currently being used on Twitter. Trends make it easy to find out what topics or events are "hot" without having to search in depth. Trends are located on the left side of your “home” page on desktop or laptop. On the mobile application, trends appear in the “Discover” section. Trends can be changed to a specific location or tailored to who you follow.

Can I share videos on Twitter?
Yes, Twitter recently added a feature, enabling a user to upload or take a video and include it in your tweet. Click on the “script” icon at the top and click on the camera icon. It will give you the option to take a picture or switch to video.
What are Twitter Lists?
Twitter Lists are lists you can make up of your different followers, allowing you to categorize them separately. The lists can be made public or private. An example would be having a list of your colleagues and then another for friends.