YouTube is a social networking platform that allows users to share videos with the public. YouTube has millions of subscribers covering many different topics. Do you have a question about a DIY project? YouTube is the perfect place for video tutorials. Google+ is now connected to YouTube; in order to have a personal YouTube account, you must first create a Google+ account.

How can it benefit you?
Incoming Students
View videos created by Cazenovia College to learn more about the campus, our student base and more.

Current Students
  • Follow Cazenovia College and Cazenovia College Athletics for the newest videos.
  • Search a variety of topics on YouTube: DIY, Adobe tutorials, up-and-coming music artists, etcetera.
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There are privacy options when sharing videos; if you click the "private" option, you will be the only one to see it. If you choose public, anyone on YouTube can view and/or search for your video.

Tip: If you are uploading a video, but may want to change your title or description, watch your video from start to finish; leave it as private until you have checked it over then change it to public.

Comments section: You, as the owner of your account, have the option to enable or disable the ability for people to leave comments about your video. If you want feedback, keep the comments section "on." If you don’t want people to make comments, keep it turned "off."