Do you enjoy hearing the pros and cons of a good argument? If so, you may want to plan to tune in online or attend the 21st Annual Cazenovia College Debate Society’s “Great Debate” event.

The student debate takes place Wednesday, April 27. It starts at 7:00 p.m. and is being hosted as a live event in the Catherine Cummings Theatre on campus. The debate is open to the campus and local communities. It will also be aired live on YouTube at: All health and safety protocols in place on campus at the time will be followed at the event.

The resolution being debated this year focuses on voting. It is: Resolved: The minimum age to vote in the United States shall be 16.

The Affirmative Team consists of students Caila Benning, Eric Brenan, Hani Diriye, Carrie Farmer, Cody Musso, Jacob Schnur, Justin Stump, Morgan Watson, and Zane Wilcox.

Opposition Team members are Lily Chaires, Daniel Freedman, John Kaufman, Nathan Klein, Sarah Morrell, Adetayo Odutayo, Melissa Place, Amanda Pressly, and Jordan Walters.

Judges for this year’s debate are Dr. David Bergh, President of Cazenovia College, Dr. Sharon Dettmer, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Heather Maloney-Stassen, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Communication Studies Program, and Dr. Bruce Roig, Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Division of Humanities and Natural Sciences.

Professor Maureen Louis, J.D., coach of the Debate Society, notes that debate is a difficult but positive experience for students. “The ability to use reason and evidence to advocate effectively is a particularly valuable life skill. Our students both support and challenge each other. That’s why the Cazenovia College Debate Society’s Great Debate is a highlight of the academic year.”