The second lecture in the “Great Minds/Great Ideas” Spring Faculty Library Lecture Series is set for Thursday, April 14, and the topic is the mystery of the Iroquois shaman.

Presenting the virtual lecture via Teams is College Associate Lecturer Campbell Copland, who is an adjunct professor and writing coach for the REACH program at Cazenovia College. His topic is, ‘Where the Orenda is at its Fullest: Perspectives on the Iroquois Shaman.’ The lecture looks at the preparatory rites of the False Face Society, the initiatory and healing functions of the sweat lodge, the dreamways traveled by the Iroquois shaman, how they utilize the cosmic war between Orenda and Otgon as their energy source.

Copland notes that, “While the Iroquois were known more for their high-level politics and diplomacy skills, they were also a magically potent people with a vast yet intricate cosmology and system of beliefs all their own. It was through the shaman that these aspects of the Iroquois culture were made functional.”

Information on how to log in online to participate in the lectures can be found at For more information, contact the Cazenovia Public Library at (315) 655-9322; The Manlius Library at (315) 682-6400; or the project director of the Cazenovia College Faculty Library Lecture Series, Professor Sarah Cross at (315) 655-7679.

The Spring Faculty Library Lecture Series is hosted by Cazenovia College, The Cazenovia Public Library, and the Manlius Library and sponsored by sponsored by Helen Stacy and Patricia Stacy Healy ’62.