Cazenovia College has been ranked among the top colleges nationwide and in New York State that provide the best educational outcomes according to a newly developed measurement for student excellence, “Academic Stewardship.”

The term reflects a new methodology used by data firm to gauge how effectively a college uses its available resources, without waste, to provide the best possible educational outcome for its students, while assuring that its other stakeholders (such as faculty, staff and administration) also flourish.

Cazenovia was ranked at #45 of the top 50 colleges nationally and #3 out of 50 rated in New York State according to the report by It was ranked well ahead of other colleges regionally and across the state having larger enrollments and higher “name” visibility.

The data collection firm notes that the Academic Stewardship metric “takes away both the size and the wealth advantage of schools and focuses instead on how well schools use the resources available to them to advance the education of their students.” The company said the term also reflects desirable characteristics of schools that “are unpretentious but passionately committed to their academic missions; value character over prestige and emphasize student growth and development; help students be their best versus…a desire to be a “best school,” and “do everything they can to help students reach their full potential and become their best selves.”

“This new metric is an important indicator of high quality and optimal results in a college education,” said Cazenovia president Dr. David Bergh. “It puts a new set of eyes and different standards of value on how small private schools like Cazenovia, located in rural areas and typically with smaller financial resources than larger colleges, can still manage to be “difference makers,” providing exceptional outcomes for students. This is precisely the kind of education and environment Cazenovia College has long been offering, and it’s why we have always been so proud of what we do here.”

Together with the College’s #2 ranking as tops in social mobility (2022, by U.S. News & World Report), Cazenovia College is further distinguished for greatness as a school that is first and foremost concerned about the welfare and support of its students, providing them with transformational supports and strong pathways to careers as well as an optimal environment for faculty and staff, Dr. Bergh said.

The College has a tradition of serving a high percentage of first-generation college students and students from disadvantaged economic backgrounds, a mission that is reflected in these statistics:

  • 46 percent of entering students are the first generation in their family to attend college
  • 55 percent of students receive federal Pell grants to help them afford college
  • 6 percent of first-year students come through the federal Higher Education Opportunity Program
  • 99 percent of students receive financial aid
  • Financial aid funding covers more than 60 percent of tuition, on average. developed the new metric in response to influencer Malcolm Gladwell’s contention that the standard college rankings work against smaller, more rural, and historically black universities and those colleges of more limited financial means, the company says.

The new metric rankings can be found here.