Cazenovia College has confirmed plans to conduct classes, athletics, and other activities fully on-campus and in-person for its Fall 2021 semester.

The decision is in keeping with a successful record mitigating the COVID-19 virus, and the College’s mission of cultivating student growth through engagement with involved faculty and staff in a supportive, personalized learning environment.

“The commitment of students and staff to our Caz Strong health and safety protocols allowed us to be one of the few colleges in the region to complete last fall’s semester on-campus and in-person without interruption,” said Ron Chesbrough, Cazenovia College President. “Now past this semester’s midpoint and having the same success, we are confident that we can educate our students safely, fully in-person, in the fall.”

The College is also planning to return to a regular fall athletics season. “While teams have practiced and had limited competition last fall and this spring, our student athletes are looking forward to returning to a full schedule of games next fall,” said Cazenovia Athletic Director Pete Way. “We are excited to compete in what will be our first full season as a new member of the North Atlantic Conference (NAC).”

Cazenovia College will continue to consult with local health officials and follow all state and local guidelines in effect for the fall semester. This could include COVID testing, continued use of face coverings, physical distancing, and other safety precautions. The College is also encouraging all faculty, staff, and students to get vaccinated, expecting that by the start of the fall semester, all will have had that opportunity.

President Chesbrough said the College appreciates the ongoing dedication of students, faculty, and staff in keeping the campus community healthy and safe.

“Our students want to be on-campus and in-person to receive the personalized, hands-on learning experience that is the hallmark of Cazenovia College. That is why they chose Caz. We are committed to being fully in-person this coming fall to continue to provide that experience.”