Drama Club Play - Misplaced
"Misplaced" has been announced as the Cazenovia College Drama Club's newest interest piece. What you may not be aware of is that the play was written and directed by Caz students!

Gabriell Struble (playwrighter) and Simone Maderal (director) have been working with students, faculty and community members to bring to life this fascinating work on childhood mental disorders. Struble warns that this piece is heavy with some topics that are not for everyone. Suicide, sexual assault, eating disorders, and abuse are all present within the play.

As a psychology major, Struble has an interest in mental disorders and the deeper afflictions of the human mind. The piece follows a boy named Liam who struggles with various disorders all of which materialize as people he has lost. They become tangible as Liam fights to recover and prepare himself to find a place in a world in which he does not feel like he belongs.

The play was developed from a story provided by Struble, the direction of Maderal, and the theatrical performances of those such as lead Ryan DeTomi. Together, a cast and crew of college students will put on a production that is sure to leave the audience asking for more.

"Misplaced" will be performed at the Catherine Cummings Theatre on November 10-12 and November 17-19. Friday and Saturday shows will be held at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. The cast and crew, writer and director, all encourage anyone interested to come see the play.

Written by Erin Hankins, Office of Communication and Marketing intern, English sophomore