Cazenovia College’s Office of Student Affairs presents its Annual Student Leadership Awards online at This annual event is held to recognize the tremendous contributions that the students, staff and faculty make to enrich the Cazenovia College experience. The student life staff selects the winners, with student input.  

Each year, the student affairs staff is amazed at what students achieve and how they surpass all expectations, and this year was particularly unique as students had to adjust quickly to remote leadership due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Honorees play a critical role and contribute in different ways towards creating the positive and inclusive atmosphere of the College.

"The Annual Leadership Awards recognize and highlight the dedication and amazing talents of our students outside the classroom," stated Dr. Karey Pine, vice president of student affairs. "It is a true privilege to have the opportunity to know and engage with the students who are receiving these awards. Each one has used their unique talent and skills to make Cazenovia College a better place."

Student leaders contribute as positive role models helping to encourage other students and create meaningful change. Through their leadership and services, students gain valuable skills to help them during their college experience and well beyond.