Cazenovia College professor of psychology, Dr. Rachel Dinero, has collaborated on a paper providing perspective on the importance of mass testing and surveillance for COVID-19 while persuading people to abide by social distancing measures. The paper is entitled “A Review of Infectious Disease Surveillance to Inform Public Health Action Against the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2,” and can be found online at

“Accurate information about infection status on both the individual and community levels increases the likelihood that people will follow recommended protocols, such as social distancing and masking,” noted Dinero.“This is particularly relevant for individuals in areas where numbers of known COVID-19 cases are low. Community level wastewater surveillance can provide the accurate information needed to promote healthy practices in all communities.”

The paper identifies the critical need for a more robust surveillance platform including wastewater surveillance. The combination of wastewater surveillance, contact tracing, and isolation are necessary to contain the epidemic, and to prevent escalation in areas where transmission is minimal.