Cazenovia College has been selected as one of 70 campuses across the United States for a February special national screening of “The Loyola Project,” a film about the 1963 “Game of Change” played as part of the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament that year.

The film will be screened on campus in a special Black History Month-timed “63 for 63 Screening Series” rollout by CBS Television that includes classroom curriculum materials and the availability of a special guest speaker. Cazenovia was selected as one of the February screening locations through its affiliation with the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, according to Dr. Tracy Trachsler, program director and associate professor of Sport Management at the College.

The premiere showing is available to Cazenovia College students, employees, and invited guests via a limited-seating event at the Catherine Cummings Theatre on Friday, February 18, at 8 p.m. (Please note: Attendance is by invitation only.) Students, employees, and invited guests will also have the option of viewing a virtual screening of the film at the same time.

The documentary tells the story of the Loyola University Chicago Ramblers historic 1963 basketball season which, at the height of the civil rights movement, broke racial barriers and changed college basketball forever. The film reexamines the legendary team from the perspective of current Loyola basketball player and co-captain Lucas Williamson. It features archival footage woven together with modern-day interviews for a captivating story that resonates with today’s continued struggle for equality, the producers report. The film’s website is here.

Film director Patrick Creadon noted, “I'm a Chicagoan and a big sports fan, but this story somehow was not as prominent as some of the other amazing ones coming out of the city. Loyola's Cinderella run to the Final Four in 2018 changed that, and really made me dig deeper into the legacy of the 1963 Ramblers. Words like diversity, equity and inclusion were not part of the dialogue in 1963. My hope is that audiences in 2022 who do prioritize those values will recognize the role the Ramblers played in getting us to the present-day conversation.”

Educational components accompany the selection of the College as one of ‘63for 63 Screening Series’ sites. In addition to the film, classes at Cazenovia will have available a corresponding educational curriculum packet for discussion of the film’s themes and ways to think critically about history in terms of social justice and diversity. The materials were created by Dr. Nona Storr, a senior affiliated scholar at the Mercatus Center of George Mason University. A guest speaker involved as a consultant for the film, Gary Sailes, Ph.D., is also being made available to Cazenovia College classes. He an award-winning associate professor of Sport Sociology in the Department of Kinesiology and adjunct professor in the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies at Indiana University.

Invitations detailing how to RSVP to attend the premier or view the virtual screening are being sent to the campus community and invited guests. For more information, contact Dr. Trachsler at: or 315-655-7164, or Tiffany Valaro, assistant dean in the Office of Student Life, at or (315) 655-7214.

The College premiere event is being co-sponsored by the College’s Departments of Sport Management, Student Life, and Athletics.

The “63 for 63 Screening Series,” presented by Northwestern Mutual, is a nationwide campus tour created to foster meaningful conversations and positive change.