At the 2016 Cazenovia Lake Summit, Abby Kortz, a senior in Environmental Biology, presented research on the economic impacts of visitor use of the Lakeside Park boat ramp.

The Lakeside Park boat ramp is operated by the Village of Cazenovia and gets used nearly 1,800 times per season by approximately 600 different users, but the overall economic impacts and specific impacts on Cazenovia had never been quantified.

In the spring of 2016, Abby helped construct a one-page survey which was then distributed by Lake Stewards to boat ramp users throughout the 2016 boating season. Data from nearly 40 completed surveys were analyzed, and the preliminary results of this study and others presented at the 2016 Caz Lake Summit may be found on the Town of Cazenovia's website.
Lakeside Park boat ramp aerial image.jpg