What do you teach at Cazenovia College?

In addition to teaching Intro to Psychology, I also teach Biopsychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Developmental Psychology.


What do you like about teaching at Cazenovia College?

I really like how grateful the students are here. They really appreciate the opportunity to learn. They’re not just here for a grade, they’re here for an experience as well. They really care a lot about their education.


What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is how much fun I get to have and how I get to learn and share. It’s not just me learning by myself in a lab sitting in front of a computer typing and coding, it’s about sharing that knowledge with other people. That’s what’s fun for me.


Favorite Event or Time at Caz

One of the highlights for me was arranging for Adam Conover, the Host of Adam Ruins Everything, to come to Caz to give the Reisman Lecture. That was really cool because our students had spent all this time watching Adam’s shows and discussing the issues he raises and then we actually got to meet him. Our students were so thrilled.


Are you involved in any student activities or clubs?

I’m the Psychology Club advisor. Every year, we do a big “Stress Free Day” event for students to relax and unwind a little bit towards the end of the semester which fits with our mission of mental health.

We also take students to the Eastern Psychological Association Conference every year. Some students present their Capstone research at that conference and some students just go because they want to learn more about psychology. They talk with students, both graduate and undergraduate, from other schools as well as potential graduate school mentors and they really gain a lot from that.


How do you keep students engaged and motivated?

I keep students engaged and motivated in class by trying to engage them in very different ways. Sometimes I’ll have videos rather than just a dry lecture. I’ll have different kinds of props that I bring in. Students really enjoy these things.


What should parents know about the experience students will have in your classroom?

Parents should know that their student will be intellectually stimulated and challenged. They’re going to be asked to think for themselves and they’re going to be asked to do a lot on their own. I try to get students to transition from being teacher-led learners to being self-directed learners. When they first start out, they obviously need a lot more guidance, but as they go through the program, they’re going to get better and better at learning on their own.


Advice to Future Students

My advice to future students is to just explore because there’s so much out there. When I was considering going to college and what I wanted to do, my father actually told me, “You know, the job that you do may not have been invented yet.” The world is changing so much and so fast that it’s really time to grow and explore and they’re at peak brain power to do that right now. They’re at the height of their faculties where they can gain a lot of knowledge and a lot of cool experiences and Caz is the way to do that; it provides a bridge to what comes next.