What do you like about teaching at Cazenovia College?

So many things! I especially enjoy the small classroom environment. I have had wonderful mentors in my life – my closest mentors are even the godparents of my youngest son – and they have helped guide me as friends and professional colleagues. They have also been there to celebrate my successes. I enjoy doing the same thing with my students. The tight-knit community that Caz provides allows me to do just that. It really is the “Caz family.”


What is the best thing about your job?

My students’ successes are the best thing about my job. I am so inspired by them, and I am so impressed when I see them in action.  For example, volunteering their time to teach a station at an event such as Science Night, BioBlitz, the Ukraine fundraiser, and more. It is wonderful to see how incredibly generous the teacher candidates are with their time and talents.


Favorite Event or Time at Caz

I love so many events, but what I look forward to the most is welcoming students in. We have a parade where all the students come down the street with their families and the CAZ faculty and staff are cheering on either side. It is a swarm of energy and enthusiasm. You can really see the excitement of the students and parents. They know that attending Cazenovia College is going to be a transformative journey.

I also love graduation.  It is wonderful to have an opportunity to celebrate everything the students have achieved. These bookend events are my favorite events at CAZ.


What makes Cazenovia College’s academic learning experience special and meaningful to students?

At Cazenovia College, students have a wide variety of resources right outside of their doorstep. For example, if a student has a long list of things they want to accomplish that day… They simply step out of their door and there they are! In a matter of minutes, they can go to the library, visit their advisor, swing by their mailbox, and make it to their class. Everything is right here within this reasonable campus footprint.


How do you keep students engaged and motivated?

There’s so much competition for engagement in society today. I like to use the best resources I can find, and that includes a variety of cross-platform technology. Also, I find that learners are highly engaged when they have opportunities to embark on discovery learning experiences. Sometimes in my classroom, they don’t always know where we’re going to go or what’s going to happen next. Surprise! Education is a science as well as an art. That’s the beauty of it.