An internationally recognized expert on the future of work, Gary A. Bolles, will present a talk Tuesday, October 12, at Cazenovia College.

The in-person presentation takes place at 3:30 p.m. at Coleman Hall on the Cazenovia College campus. The event is free and open to the public.

Bolles has just published a new book, The Next Rules of Work: The Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset to Lead Your Organization Through Uncertainty, the culmination of years of his research and consulting focused on the seismic changes in work, careers, and organizations.

He writes and lectures extensively on topics such as the future of work and learning, the future of organizations, the impact and opportunity presented by “exponential technologies,” understanding disruption in industries and economies, creating a culture of innovation and inclusion, empowering entrepreneurs, and creating entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Calling the COVID-19 pandemic “the great reset,” Bolles contends, “The arc of our lives is changing. It’s gone from three boxes of life: learning, work, and leisure—to a constantly shifting landscape of learning, work, and leisure.” He says that those conditions mean no job is safe anymore, so preparing young people and older people to continue developing a portfolio of work is essential. “We also need to spark a love of lifelong learning and a constant process of continually acquiring new learning to help people to prepare and train for that. We need to teach not just the love of learning but learning how to learn, equipping people with the skills of problem solving, adaptability, creativity, and empathy,” he advises.

For the education community, he says, “this is an issue that represents a continuum of development and learning, from how we partner with early stage learning platforms like pre-Kindergarten and K-12 to build the connective tissue that needs to come later—and it’s the same things with employers.”

The former editorial director for five technology publications, including Interactive Week, Yahoo! Internet Life, and Network Computing, Bolles also serves as the on-screen host of TechTV’s “Working the Web.” He has nine courses on LinkedIn Learning and more than 850,000 learners. He consults and lectures around the world and has been a former consulting producer for events such as Google Zeitgeist, Google Think Cloud, Google Innovation for the Nation, Noka Ideascamp, and Yahoo Bonfire. He also serves as an adviser for and for the Innovation Collective, is chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University, a partner for Charrette LLC, and co-founder of

Innovation Collective and Cazenovia College are partnering in bringing Bolles to the campus for this speaking engagement.

Please note: The College's COVID protocols require that masks be worn indoors at all times, regardless of vaccination status.

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