Dear Cazenovia College Community:
We have all watched the unfolding news in this country in response to the tragic loss of life in Minneapolis and beyond.  My heart goes out to those whose families have been affected.  Let me take this moment to reaffirm our commitment at Cazenovia College to respect for all lives.  Your community here expects that, demands that, and deserves that as a measure of who we are and what we stand for and celebrate.
This is not a time for celebration, to be sure.  To a pandemic has been added new challenges to our sense of safety and belonging, resulting in unrest throughout the nation.  But this is a time of a reaffirmation of our commitment to these values both here and in distant cities.  These are difficult times.  We stand with you in your processing of these times, your fortitude, and your commitment to a just and fair community and world.  
Ron Chesbrough