The Drama Club is an arts and entertainment club at Cazenovia College. The club is collectively run by students and faculty on campus, providing everyone with an opportunity to be involved in school productions. Students have the opportunity to help create and participate in musicals and plays, with performances that are open to the public at the Catherine Cummings Theatre.
Each academic year features two productions that are separated by semester. The fall semester is primarily set for the production of a play, while in the spring semester, a musical is chosen and directed by Artist-in-Residence David Lowenstein.
The performances are set a semester in advance, allowing a production team and director(s) to be chosen. Auditions are held during the same semester as the production with the director and one or more club members helping to select the cast. Although the musicals are set and directed by Lowenstein, the fall production is a student-run and student-directed performance.
This year's club secretary, Gabriell Struble, psychology senior, has written one of the past fall plays, Misplaced, and directed the most recently performed, The Importance of Being Earnest. Struble has enjoyed her time in the club, and is especially proud of the past two performances. She also enjoys the social benefits that come with being involved in theater.
Struble found out about the club through Quad Day, and the first play she participated in was Sweet Charity. When asked what her favorite part of  being involved in the Drama Club was, Struble replies, "The people! I would have never met half of my friends if it were not for the drama club.: When describing the club's atmosphere, Struble also shares, "Everybody is really close. We are all amazing friends!"
The Drama Club does not limit members to just cast participation. There are positions for stage managers, lighting technicians, sound technicians, props managers, as well as back-stage helpers. Each play requires the utilization of different costumes, which are sometimes designed by fashion design students at Cazenovia College. For example, fashion design senior, Krista Commisso, has designed and created clothes for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Misplaced, and The Importance of Being Earnest, which are some of the recent plays and performances that the club has put on.
The Drama Club is currently run by Ryan De Tomi, visual communications senior, and is in the process of preparing for their spring musical, Caberet (1998 Revival Version). Upon a suggestion by Struble, there will also be the use of "miscast," in which the cast members play roles that they do not fit, or is opposite to role/gender expectations.
Stay updated on the upcoming auditions, performances, and show times through campus emails, as well as posters and calendar posts on the College's website.

Are you interested in becoming involved in the Drama Club? The club is open to all majors and is a way to get involved in the arts. Students interested in the club can email Gabriell Struble at glstrubble@cazenovia.edu or Ryan De Tomi at rjdetomi@cazenovia.edu. Community members can reach out to David Lowenstein at dllowenstein@cazenovia.edu.
Written by Walid Ibrahim, communication studies senior